Friday, July 25, 2008

My puppies grew up!

Remember those cute puppies I dogsat for, for a few weeks? Here is their picture from when I had them, at three weeks old...

They went back to their first foster mom when I went on vacation. They had ringworm which had to be treated, and so they took a little bit longer than most puppies to be ready for adoption. The day is almost here, and the puppies are on the website now to find their own homes. Only they aren't tiny anymore! Check out the puppies now...

They got huge! I still think they're as adorable as ever. I can't wait to see how they turn out once they're all grown up - hopefully their future adoptive families will be back to share pictures and stories then!
Speaking of that, I talked to the new families of both Vala and Samantha this week. Both families say the dogs are doing great. It's always so nice to hear when the dogs have settled in and know that everything is going well - it just makes giving up the dogs I love much easier to know that! Now if I can just find some happy forever families for my puppies and kittens tomorrow! Skittles and Reese and Jade will all be making their first ever appearance at Petsmart tomorrow. Noah is an expert at it now - he's been going for several weeks. So are all seven kittens that I'll be bringing up with me - I'm sad that none of them have found homes yet, even though they've been going up to Petsmart several times, on weekends and during the week. Maybe tomorrow will be their lucky day.

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