Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sam was adopted!

Samantha was adopted on Saturday, to a family who lives on my street! We didn't realize it beforehand, but once they filled out the application I saw that we were actually neighbors. Hopefully this means I'll get to see Samantha out in the neighborhood once in awhile.

Since Sam is gone, the house is much quieter. Just kidding - its as crazy as ever. I really miss her, but the new puppies are keeping me so busy that I haven't had much time to be sad that she is gone. Just to make sure I stay busy, I'm bringing home another dog tonight. Jade is a dog that was picked up as a stray at the North County shelter. I saw her there a couple of months ago, and wanted to take her but didn't have room. Another Heartland foster mom volunteered to take her for me, and has been keeping her at her house for the past month getting her ready for adoption. She's now been vaccinated and spayed and is all ready to be adopted - she's even on the website already. I named her Jade, because one of our previous adopters kindly donated some old leashes and bandanas and collars, and one of the bandanas was monogrammed with the name Jade. So I told them we could still use it, and would just name one of our fosters Jade! So she doesn't have green eyes, but I checked and the gemstone jade actually does come in the color black, so its all okay. :-) I just have to remember to put the bandana on her at adoption events now!

Anyway, I'm going out to the other foster mom's house tonight and I plan to bring Jade home, so she has more room for some new dogs that she recently took in (she has the cutest baby beagles I've ever seen - I just want to take them home and KEEP them!) . Jade has been a little bit nervous around other dogs at her house, even though she did fine at the shelter with other dogs before we got her. I hope that she'll be okay at my house with Remi and Noah, but if she's not, it may be a very short visit and then back to her current home. Maybe I'll get the beagles instead. (just kidding, Gina... unless you like the idea.) :-) My favorite thing about Jade is that one of her ears is always straight up, and the other one is always flopped over at the very tip. It's so cute. I hope to get some better pictures of her while she's at my house - the one on the website is one I took but I don't like it very much. I'll try to get some more pictures of Reese and Skittles while I'm at it. They're done with their quarantine now, and they're both doing great. They LOVE to play together, and they are just so cute when they hop around attacking each other with puppy sneak attacks.

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