Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pictures of Jade, Skittles & Reese

I helped my sister move to her new house yesterday so I didn't get to take any of my fosters to Petsmart this week. I heard they did very well with adoptions - at least the dogs, not sure about cats. They had several puppies that were adopted, as well as some of the adults. My fosters should all be ready to be adopted next Saturday, so hopefully we'll have another good week then. I took some pictures so I could get them on the website, and decided to share a few of them here.

Here is Noah and Samantha (taken before she was adopted) in the back yard.

Here is Jade, my newest foster. She is doing very well with the other dogs!

Here is Skittles, taking it easy on the couch.

Reese playing with her favorite squeaky toy.

Skittles and Reese - best friends! My husband wants them to be adopted together, but I said I'd just be glad for either of them to find a home. :-)

Reese is another lap dog, just like Vala was. She prefers to sit on people's laps whenever possible. Or in this case, she's using Remi as her cushion. :-)

I love Skittle's ears in this picture - so cute!

Here is an action shot of Jade, playing with one of the toys made and donated by the Girl Scouts - the dogs love them!!

Rachael (Dave's daughter) is home visiting for the summer, and lucky for me, she likes animals! She's been a huge help with all 13 cats and dogs! :-) Noah sleeps with her every night, and I think she is his favorite person in the world now. He will miss her when she goes back home to Alabama in a few weeks.

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