Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emma was adopted!

Emma was adopted on Saturday! I miss her already. Noelle misses her too - she lost her favorite playmate.

It's been a rough week. There are a lot of illnesses going around, and sick animals are stressful not just because they take longer to care for and need more medicine and vet care, but also because we worry about them so much! My kitten Mercury from the Solar kittens has been sick, and I'm not sure what's wrong with him, so he goes to the vet later this week. Also the Disney kittens still have coccidia, and Marco may have an infection and also has to go back to the vet to get checked out.

And now, a joke that my niece told me last night (slightly modified to fit the situation...)

Imagine that you're caring for several sick animals. You don't get any sleep because you're constantly feeding, cleaning up after, mopping, cleaning litter boxes, medicating and caring for these pets. You can't take it anymore, so what do you do?

Stop imagining. :-D

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