Monday, May 18, 2009

Whisper was adopted!

And so far, she's doing okay! I was worried when I went to meet her new mom to adopt her, and she hid under her cage and refused to come out (Whisper, not the nice lady adopting her). So I was happy when she was nice enough to call me on the phone (the adopter, not Whisper) and let me know that Whisper is already getting settled into her new home.

We got another call over the weekend from someone wanting us to take kittens. So within the next few days, I may be introducing my newest kitten fosters. They're actually older than the Disney kittens, and I haven't seen them yet but I've never seen a kitten who isn't adorable so I'm not too worried. :-) There are three of them. Oh, and now that kitten season has begun (the time of year when we start getting a LOT of requests for help with kittens) we are once again looking for kitten or cat foster homes. And of course we always need dog or puppy foster homes! So if you're interested in being a foster home for a puppy or some kittens (or adult dogs or cats!) please click here to find out more information.

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JulieB said...

YAY Whisper! I'm so happy for her, she just had to wait until she found her perfect home!