Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing Mercury, Venus and Sedna

These are my new Solar System kittens. We received a call from someone who's cat had kittens and they didn't want them, and so since my current kittens are almost ready for adoption, I agreed to take them. They're around 12 weeks old, just slightly older than my Disney kittens, but twice as big! The Disney kittens don't even weigh two pounds yet, and these Solar kitties weigh over four pounds. I've named them after planets that share the same coloring as them. Mercury is the gray male kitten. Venus is the buff colored female kitten. And Sedna is the tortoiseshell female kitten. So in case you didn't know, Mercury the planet is gray, and Venus the planet is tan colored, and Sedna the dwarf planet is sort of reddish-brown. Too bad I don't have a kitten that fits the description of Neptune - now that would be a funny looking cat!

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JulieB said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute! I am sure you are having a blast with so many cute kitties to play and snuggle with. :)