Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

In January 2009, I had my hands full with fosters.  I had three adult foster dogs, and one hyper foster puppy.  And then I heard a sad story, and ended up with eight more foster puppies.  Because I felt sorry for them.  And because I was insane. 

This is the crate full of puppies that showed up for me to take home.  They were about six weeks old at the time, and weighed between 5 and 7 pounds each.   

So for four weeks, I cleaned up a LOT of puppy paper (yuck), and fed them, and played with them, and invited my friends over to show off socialize these adorable puppies.  Then once the puppies were old enough, they were spayed/neutered and had all their vet work done, and then they had their official puppy pictures taken and were put on the website as available for adoption. 

The puppies were quickly adopted, and I recently sent out an e-mail to the eight families who adopted these sweet puppies to find out how they were doing.  I heard back from seven of the families, and I'm relieved to tell you that not one of them said "please come get this dog - we don't want him/her anymore".  Whew.  Here is what they did say...

About Amos - now named Bubba: 
"Bubba has become a very loved member of our family! He’s very smart and behaves really well so far. He is a great little brother to our chocolate lab, Lady. Steve and I call them our kids!!!! He also gets along much better with my grandson, Jaden (5 yrs old). They’re always running around the house playing. Oh, and he still loves to eat, he’s a whopping 70+ lbs and not even fat. Between both dogs they’re eating us out of house and home but that’s okay."

Hooray for Amos!

About Kasey:
"We kept her name Kasey, she's doing really well. She's a wild one! She has lots of energy and is really smart. We take her to the dog parks and she learned how to swim at Broemmelsiek park last summer."

Wild?  Really?  I never expected that.  Here are some recent pictures of Kasey that her family sent me:

About Duchess:
"She is doing great! She's a little wld thing. Our black lab and her get along very well, they wrestle all the time.(a little too much). She is such a cuddler
and licker. We love her dearly."

Another wild one.  This one doesn't surprise me so much. 

About Gretchen:
"Gretchen is doing good still has alot of puppy in her and is digging up the yard but she is very playful and good around the kids, she also has a dog next door that she frequently plays with. Still have some work to get her better trained for when people come around so she quits jumping on them as they come throught the door."

Yep, she sounds like a wild one too.  What did I do to these puppies?!

About Keebler - now named Indiana:
"Indy is doing very well! In October we purchased a house, so he has much more room to run and play. He is no longer in a kennel, even while we are at work, he doesn't chew on or eat anything any more! thank goodness. He often enjoys pulling me around our neighborhood on my skate board (honestly enjoys it and even gets excited when I reach for it) also runs occasionally with Debbie.He is very gentle and playfull with all of our nieces and nephewes, and does very well with other dogs at the dog park, He and our other dog Mya are the best of friends After a lot of hard work he is more than the dog I hoped he would be, even though he thinks he is a lap dog sometimes he is a very lovable, cuddly, and obedient dog."

And here is a recent picture of Indy that his family sent.  What a sweet face!

About Pebbles - now named Hersheys:
"She is doing great-she seems very happy running and playing with her friends(we have two other dogs)She is healthy and gets a lot of exercise-she is definately a blessing to our family."
Hooray for Pebbles!

About Scooby - now named Sherman:
"Sherman (Scooby) is doing great. He has been a very nice addition to our family. He has certainly grown onto the name we chose. He weighed 80+ lbs at his last checkup and none of that is fat! He's a big baby though and is about as easy going as a dog can be. As you can see from the 2 pics I attached he is rather spoiled, and he loves to go for a ride in the car."

And here is Sherman - ready for his car ride!

You can also see their official puppy adoption pictures here.


Frankie Furter said...

OMD what a wonderful post chocked full of success!

Tucker said...

Yeah for happy puppies... Did all the girls turn out wild?

woof - Tucker

Anonymous said... are one CRAZY lady! But that's what I likes about you. This was a Most Fabulous way to start off my weekend! Thank you for sharing all those adorablest faces and their happy endings.

Wiggles & Wags,

Schwang said...

A boxful of puppies sounds like a dream come true...until you take in the reality of all the work that comes with it. We wouldn't even be able to handle one puppy. What great after stories. It must be so rewarding to hear where they are now and see they're all so happy with their families.

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Wow, that's a lotta dogs! How wonderful that everyone emailed you back with updates. We get to do that with Betty and the French Bulldog Rescue.

Love, Stella Gunther and Betty

Kari in WeHo said...

awww its always nice hearing good things about the pups you helped save

Bobby said...

How nice to know how they are getting on. It is so good to see how they are doing.

kissa-bull said...

aww that just warms our pibble hearts right up . we love to hear happy endings
thanks for sharing
i especially love to see the before and after piks
they turned out to be quite dashing
pibble sugars and wee wags
the houston pittie pack

Remington said...

Love the pics! It is so nice to hear about good things....

Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie. This is your greatest post yet (and I think they are all good) = anyway, I loved seeing the puppy pictures and then the grown up pictures. Loved it!
You made my day.... and my weekend.


Dog Foster Mom said...

Thanks everyone for your comments - I love hearing from you.

Bernice, they're sort of your puppies too - remember how we'd watch them run all over the kitchen and then try to corral them one at a time and give them dewormer and then cuddle them? I miss those days!

Bernicek said...

Laurie - I forgot to say how I love the different colors of these puppies too. Especially Kasey - her color is beautiful.

meowmeowmans said...

This is just so awesome! We love happily ever after stories. Thanks for all you do!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Kasey looks like she might have a touch of vizsla in her!

Two Country Poodles said...

Its great to get pupdates on foster pups. They all are adorable...then and now!


havetailwillwag said...

wow! its terrific to see how your fosters have turned out!! they look fantastic!! really,you're an inspiration to me!

Christy said...

Kasey would love to meet up with her siblings at the dog park. We go to all three local ones (Dusable, Broemmelsieck and Quail Ridge).... If anyone wants to meet up with us sometime let me know....