Monday, March 29, 2010

Introducing Casey

A few days ago I brought home another foster dog. Like so many others, he has a sad story. Casey was hit by a car, and both of his front legs were crushed. He was taken to the vet and they put two 3-inch steel plates in his legs. They also found he had heartworms and a tick-born disease. So they treated him for that as well as his injuries from the car accident. His foster mom took great care of him and got him ready for adoption, and now he's ready for a permanent home. So since his foster mom can't get him to adoptions each week, I am taking him to my house until he is adopted. He is such a sweet dog, and so easy-going, that I hope it won't take long to get him a perfect home.

This is Casey at an adoption event recently. He was so happy and loved to greet everyone. You may remember he recently had his picture on here in the popular one-ear pose. He's always going along with the crowd! But that makes it easy for him to fit in at my house. He is doing great with Remi and Noelle and Ziggy, and just follows them around for the most part. Well, it might be that he's following me, not them - its hard to tell since they all follow me. Constantly. Maybe I should stop walking around with food all the time.

Casey has healed completely, and has no long-term ill effects from the car accident or the heartworms. My neice came over and we took all four dogs for a long walk last night, and Casey had more energy than the other three! He is probably around 5 or 6 years old, which will make it a little harder for him to find a home, but he also is past that whole puppy chewing stage, and is already housetrained, so that will help. And in the meantime, it's kind of nice to have a foster dog that is already so well trained and doesn't require constant supervision!


Mango said...

That is amazing that he was healed from such an awful injury. Good luck little Casey.


Pibble said...

There are so many reasons to adopt a great older dog like Casey. First - look at all he's been through. He DESERVES a wonderful home! Second, you know what you're getting with an older dog. His personality is what it is. Third, as you've already said, he's housebroken - can't beat that.

With a personality like Casey's, I have a feeling he'll touch someone's heart sooner rather than later. If not, I'll have to scoop him up. Wait... what am I saying! I have a shelter full of dogs now! :)

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

It makes us so sad that Casey suffered such a horrible injury and illnesses. But look at him now! How inspiring. We hope Casey finds his furever home soon.

Shannon and the Gang

Anonymous said...

Ohmidogness! Look how happy Casey is even after all that horrible stuffs he went through. He so much deserves a home of his own where he can romp and play and have loads of fun! I'm Most Glad in the meantime that he gets to be part of your wonderful home!

Wiggles & Wags,

Mango said...

I think an important step I took with Mango was to stop pushing him into situations that made him mental (like walking) and just close his world down to being very small for about a year.

As far as ignoring the leaf blower. I think that happened because I have been focused on having Mango mind me in the safety of the house and yard. We've been really working on him not getting away with anything. Because I keep him on the property, that limits his temptations to refusals to come inside, lunging at the fence, and being grouchy. Much easier to work with than walkies.

So whenever the boys are outside in the yard with me I always make them pay attention. I was surprised when Mango backed off the leaf blower, but if he hadn't, I would have gone inside, gotten his leash, given him a pop and made him come in.

BTW - I am an advocate of pinch collars for training.

Mango Momma

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh poor Casey! What a cutie he is. It is terrible that he had to go through all that. We hope that he finds a wonderful, loving forever home soon. But we are also glad he has you and your wonderful group to take care of him until then!

BerniceK said...

awwwwww - simply adorable! muuuuuuwwaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following with friend connect ... I really enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention ... "AWESOME Photograghy"

Smilin' Dogs really lift my spirit!

Kari in WeHo said...

He sure looks like a happy pup! I know he will find a great home :)

Nubbin' Tails said...

Best of luck to you Casey! With that sweet face I'm sure you will find a forever home soon. I've learned if you tilt your head a bit and look up with the wonderful puppy eyes they just melt. My mom did it 3 times and isn't allowed to look at rescue sites for now. Dad doesn't trust her!


Mr. Nubbin'

havetailwillwag said...

casey's got such a kind and wise face. he looks like a guy that's been through a lot and just wants some peace and happiness now. a real sweetie.