Thursday, July 5, 2012

Foster Dog Update

I never say it enough, but thank you all for the comments and just for reading.  I appreciate it!

Last week Thor the German Shepherd was returned, Chief the Beagle was adopted, Mayzie the energetic pit bull went to another foster home, and Vinny the Italian Greyhound came to stay with me. So I still have eight foster dogs, but fortunately they all get along well, even though they range from only 12 pounds to 100 pounds! Here is one interesting fact about each of my current fosters that you may not already know:


This 100 pound German Shepherd used to be owned by a priest. This may explain why he is the best behaved of all the dogs. 


Charlie does not like fireworks while he is inside the house. He barked at them constantly. Then we finally had to go outside for a final potty break before bedtime, and suddenly he just ignored the fireworks. So the sound of fireworks inside = danger, but the sound of fireworks outside = safe.

Bogey is a hoarder dog. No, he didn’t come from a hoarder – he actually is the hoarder. He goes around and collects toys and blankets and anything else he can find and hides them in his crate.

Ziggy has been extremely well behaved (for him) lately. And he’s stopped chewing on everything – even on his chew bones! I think something must be wrong with him. He still loves to eat his kibble though.

Jupie has had to undergo a bunch of extra tests because he is anemic and may even have a weird doggie disease known as babesia. Test results are pending.  Bonus fact - he likes to sit in laps. 

This eleven year old German Shepherd has won several Schutzhund awards, and even competed in the 2009 GSDCA-WDA Schutzhund National Championship and World Qualifier. I feel very safe with her around.
Fawn's birthday is today – she is four years old.


This Italian Greyhound thinks he is invisible as long as no one looks at him. He’ll approach strangers from behind and sniff them, then dart away. He’s stealthy.

Tonight I’m bringing home Jasper. He’s staying for a week while his foster mom goes out of town. I don’t know any interesting facts about Jasper yet. 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


Poor Ziggy... he does TRY. He does his best. I just KNOW that there IS a home for him... somewhere.

Cupcake said...

You have the most beautiful foster dogs. I love hearing all the facts about everyone.

My dear Thor, I'm so sad his forever home didn't work out but I sure love seeing that face again.

Emily said...

I know an interesting fact about Jasper... he is beautiful!

Cindy said...

Re: Vinny Just too funny that he thinks he is invisible if no one looks at him! Love it!

Ashton keenan said...

Oh I love Vinny! Glad to hear Zig is beig better behaved. Maybe he read your "Ziggy rant" blog post. Why was Thor returned?

Anonymous said...

If Thor is the most well behaved, why was he returned? I love you, Ziggy! Tell your foster mom to let me adopt you down here in TX

Anonymous said...

If he is so well behaved , why would Thor ever be returned? Now you have our attention!

Blueberry's human said...

Haha - Ziggy maybe needs a trip to the vet? How uncharacteristic of him to stop chewing things! Very peculiar! He must be up to something...

Loved the updates on your current fosters - they all sound pretty darn cute. Gotta love a hoarder dog!