Monday, July 16, 2012

Ziggy And The Home Visit

Ziggy is not shy. In fact, he’s the opposite of shy. Recently I took him to the home of a potential adopter. This was somewhere he’d never been, in a home filled with people he’d never met. We approached the door, he stopped and sniffed the hands of the homeowners (checking if they had food, I believe), and then headed straight to the front door. When they opened the door, he pushed his way inside before everyone, and walked confidently from room to room, checking out the environment (and looking for food, I’m sure). He sniffed a couple of items to see if they were edible or worthwhile chew toys, and then moved on to the next room. We moved outside to the back yard, where he insisted on checking out the garage, and then once he determined there was no food present, he was ready to go back inside.

This was Ziggy’s second home visit. He had another home visit many months ago, during which he also made himself at home, and at one point put his front feet up on the countertop and stuck his head inside a coffee cup to taste some coffee. So during this home visit, I made sure I had a tight hold on Ziggy’s leash while we were in the kitchen. But when we returned to the house from the back yard and settled in the living room, Ziggy struck again. He tried a few times to chew on a water bottle, but when we foiled that plan, he put his front feet on a table and stuck his head inside a plastic cup to taste some iced tea. It turns out that Ziggy really likes iced tea. The owner of the iced tea thought since Ziggy had a taste, he may as well drink the whole thing, so he let Ziggy have his fill of iced tea. Then he proceeded to give him several ice cubes as a bonus. Ziggy thought this was the best house ever. He’s not allowed to drink anything except water at my house.

In spite of how much Ziggy enjoyed his home visit, the potential adopters decided on a different dog. I guess the new dog probably won’t be forcing them to buy more iced tea all the time. So although I was disappointed that Ziggy’s home visit didn’t result in an adoption, it gives me more insight into Ziggy. For although I knew he liked beer, soda and even coffee, I had no idea that he was also such a fan of iced tea.


Blueberry's human said...

Oh Ziggy! He is so much fun and I love that when he is finally adopted - he certainly will feel free to make himself at home right away! I wonder if it is because he is with you that he feels so comfortable or if that is just another "ziggy-ism".

I can't believe they chose another dog over him! Ack! So close - I am sure that must be frustrating.

Cupcake said...

I thought we already found out that Ziggy will ingest just about anything. Really, the iced tea surprised you?

Love, Cupcake

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Poor Ziggy. I know that there IS a place for him... he just hasn't found it yet.
It MUST be a place with a real sense of humor though.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Poor Ziggy. I know that there IS a place for him... he just hasn't found it yet.
It MUST be a place with a real sense of humor though.

Kim-PCPP said...

Ziggy is the whole package - smart,
funny, handsome and adventurous.
There's a human out there who is
looking for exactly that combination.

Tucker The Crestie said...

Oh, dear .... Ziggy is certainly a character, isn't he? I just know that some day a wonderful home will come along and he'll be the perfect fit for it. Or at least this is what I hope for.