Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mastercard commercial

My morning reminded me a bit of a MasterCard commercial... you know, those "priceless" ones? Sometimes when people adopt a dog, and we suggest they crate the dog, they look at the cost of the crate, or feel sorry for leaving the dog confined, and decide not to do that. Here's what I wish they knew...

Cost of puppy medication chewed up by Kiya - $45.00
Cost of bedspread chewed up by Vala - $50.00
Cost of dog beds chewed up by Sage - $80.00
Cost of coffee table chewed up by various dogs - $125.00
Cost of cell phone chewed up by Remi - $150.00

Crate to confine dog when not watching them - PRICELESS!!

Okay, only those first two incidents are from this morning - but the rest of them have happened in the past few months. All by dogs under 2 years of age, who are still in that "puppy chewing" stage - so don't worry if you are thinking about getting a dog - they do usually outgrow it. Just get a crate and USE IT until they do! <--- I'm going to try taking my own advice in the future. :-)

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