Monday, June 16, 2008

Queeny Park, Update on Fosters

Saturday was the Adopt-A-Stray event at Queeny Park. I believe this is the biggest adoption event that we do every year – more dogs are adopted during this event than at any other time. This was my first time attending, and I was very impressed. The event was well organized, and many more people attended than I expected. We had seven dogs adopted – four puppies, and three older dogs. The puppies were from two different foster homes – Arthur and Justin were cute little guys who were the last of their litter to be adopted. Ebony and Shadow came from another foster home, and while this was my first time meeting them, I enjoyed playing with them until they were both adopted as well! The adult dogs were Checkers, Piper and Harley. Checkers was my favorite – mostly just because I named him! He is a cute little black and white Chihuahua. Piper is an adorable yorkie mix – she was so cuddly and sweet! And Harley is a blue merle Australian Shepherd – very soft, and a great dog. His new owner is hoping to turn him into a Frisbee champion! Overall, it was a great experience, and I wish we could do it every month!

We still have so many dogs that need homes! Of course, I’m always partial to my foster dogs, so here’s a quick update on them. Vala wasn’t feeling well, so she missed the Queeny Park event. She’s doing much better now though, and hopefully will be able to go back to PetSmart next week to try again to find a home. Samantha had fun at Queeny Park and I enjoyed spending much of the time with her. She’ll be staying at the main foster home for now, even though I want to bring her home, because I’m bringing home a different foster. Noah, a Heartland dog who was adopted out last year, is being returned because he keeps running away from his family. He’s going to live with me for awhile and I can see if there’s something we can do to help him want to stay home. Kiya and the puppies are back at their original foster home, and continue to grow. The puppies are getting really big!! Kiya continues to be up to her escape artist tricks. Since I returned the puppies, I decided to catnap three kittens that were at the foster home. I have to admit I missed having kittens around. Besides, Vala loves to chase them, and since they’re used to dogs, they don’t seem to mind. When they get tired they just stop running and she sniffs them and turns away to find another one to chase. It gives them all exercise, and I get some great entertainment at the same time! :-)

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