Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update, HHS Video

First, a quick update on my fosters. Ray, my foster Pekingese, went to another foster home, since my husband thinks four foster dogs is too many. :-( I really miss Ray, but I'm glad he's at my friends house - I know she'll take great care of him! Thanks Donna! Noah, Samantha and Vala all went to PetSmart this week, but none of them were adopted. It was a very disappointing week, since we had 10 dogs at PetSmart and NONE of them found homes on Saturday. I did have some people interested in adopting Noah, and they sound perfect for him, so I hope they call and decide to adopt him. This would be very helpful since I got some bad news recently - one of my old fosters, Selena, is being returned. You may remember her, if you ever visit PetSmart. She was a Heartland dog for a very long time before she was adopted. Her new family adopted her a few months ago but decided with a new baby that they just don't have the time to devote to her that she needs. So she'll be coming back to my house later this week and trying to find another home. I also took in one more litter of kittens, since due to the flood they were out of room and out of time at a kill shelter. They are adorable - and so small compared to my other litter of kittens. I will post more about them later. They will hereafter be referred to as my flood kittens, so I can tell them apart from the kittens I already had. The ones I already had (Taffy, Blaze and Monkee) went to PetSmart but did not get adopted either on Saturday. I hope to get them on the website this week and maybe someone will see them online and want to adopt them!

I have now been fostering for Heartland for eight months. It doesn't seem near that long. I have met some amazing people, and made many new friends in the process. Most importantly, I have found so much joy in helping animals that don't have anyone else. I've been doing this less than a year, but many of the Heartland volunteers have been doing this for years and years. Some of the people who started Heartland ten years ago are still rescuing animals today. I am amazed by their dedication. They spend their time, money and energy to save animals, and none of them get paid in any way except in doggie kisses and kitty purrs. They don't ask for recognition, but they deserve it. They've saved so many animals during the past 10 years. Click here to see a short video to recognize the contributions of the Heartland volunteers. This is only a small number of many of the animals that would not be here today if it were not for Heartland Humane Society.

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