Monday, June 23, 2008

This is what happens when my husband leaves town...

My husband is in the Army Reserves, and he had to go to Virginia for two weeks for military training. When he left, we had one foster - Vala. When he gets back next weekend, he's going to find seven fosters. Oops. I'm not sure how it happened really. It doesn't seem like that many, until they're all running loose around the house and I realize how outnumbered I really am! I thought Vala was getting adopted, so I took home Samantha again (see previous posts for pictures and info on her). I also brought home a little Pekingese - he was taken in from a backyard breeder, and has very poor vision, so the vet named him Ray. We're trying to get his eyes to heal a little bit, and now he's just so happy to be somewhere clean and where he's well taken care of. He is a very friendly little guy - he follows me all around the house and yard. But anyway, Vala ended up not getting adopted, so right now I have Vala, Samantha, Noah, Ray, and my own dog Remi. And I also have my cat George and my three foster kittens - Taffy, Blaze and Monkee. Overall, the house is a bit nuts when they're all running around together. But fortunately they all get along very well. The scariest part is that its starting to seem normal to me to have nine animals running around like they own the place. I guess my husband will be home soon to bring me back to reality. Because honestly, having all these animals IS a lot of work - but I LOVE it. I love holding the kittens and listening to them purr, or walking in the room and having Sam or Vala run up to me to see who can get petted first. I like going out to get the mail and having Ray follow me to the mailbox and back with this big grin on his face. I'm going to be really sad when I have to find somewhere else for any of them to go, once he gets home. I just hope one or two finds their forever home this week - and if not, maybe someone will come along and want to try fostering?! If you want to foster Ray though, keep in mind that my six-year-old niece has asked me to save him until she turns 16 - that's when her parents told her she could get a dog. Talk about a long-term foster! :-)

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