Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of dog adoptions; Introducing Emma

It was a very busy week with dog adoptions. One of our foster homes has been taking in a LOT of puppies lately, and we're all happy that they're slowly but surely finding homes each week. Kaluah and CJ both were adopted Saturday. Also, one of our adult dogs from the shelter was adopted. Bear is a gorgeous fluffy dog who now has a home with a very nice couple and their other gorgeous fluffy dog that I met on Saturday.

Earlier in the week we had three more dog adoptions. Bella, a favorite of many of the volunteers, found a home. She's a beagle/spaniel mix that was turned in by her owners when they had a baby and didn't have time for her. She's now being spoiled in her new home with lots of love and attention. And Cappy, an older Australian Shepherd mix, also was adopted. He's been fostered by our newest dog foster volunteer, and now he has a new home as well. Also Josie, a sweet bichon friese, was adopted early last week. In addition to all of those dogs, on Sunday we adopted three more! Two of them were dogs I talked about last week. Dash, the Australian Cattle Dog, and Wiggles the beagle both were adopted, as was Heidi, a sweet black lab who was also at the shelter. Wiggles came from another foster home and since his new mom wasn't quite ready to take him home yet, he's staying at my house for a couple of days.

Also at my house is another dog from our shelter named Emma. She is a Newfoundland, and she used to be absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately when we got her from a city pound, she was so matted and dirty that the only way to clean her up was to shave her. So now she's just silly looking (and she's very embarrassed about it too!). But I'm sure she feels much better now that she's clean. She's doing great with Remi and Noelle, and I'm hoping she'll be adopted rather quickly, and that whomever wants her can see past her funny appearance and imagine how she'll look once her hair grows back. :-) Here are some pictures of Emma at the shelter before she was shaved. I'll post her "after" pictures later.

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