Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Special Request - Betsy needs help!

This is Betsy...
She loves people. We know she used to have a home... she's house-trained and has been taught manners. She loves attention and petting. She enjoys chew bones too. We don't know what happened to her family. Betsy showed up at someone's house and wouldn't leave. They couldn't keep her, and couldn't find her family, so they asked us to take her in. So that's how Betsy came to our shelter. We found out she was heartworm positive, and we raised the money to treat her. But then she started limping, and our vet determined that she has cancer. It could be bone cancer, or another kind of cancer that has spread to her leg. Either way, the vet determined that its not treatable so they've prescribed medication to keep her comfortable.
Betsy probably only has a few months left to live. No one wants her to spend the last few months of her life in our shelter. She should be in a home, with someone to love her. The problem is that Betsy doesn't do well with cats. And she only does okay with dogs who leave her alone. So how do you find a Heartland volunteer who doesn't have any other animals? People who are in rescue tend to have several dogs, cats, or other assorted animals in their homes already. We all want Betsy to be in a home, but no one has a home where she can peacefully spend the last months of her life. Surely there's someone out there who can open up their home to Betsy, and let her spend her remaining time with them. Heartland will cover her vet bills and provide her pain medication. And did I mention that she's housetrained and very loving? Please consider helping Betsy!

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