Monday, April 20, 2009

Plethora of dogs

I did not go to Petsmart for adoptions this Saturday, because of my Grandma's 80th birthday party (Happy Birthday, Grandma!). It was a much needed break, but of course by 4:00pm on Saturday I was calling another volunteer who had been there to find out what I missed! It was a typical adoption day - the dogs that are always the most sought-after did well. Puppies and small pure-breed dogs are generally very easy to find homes for. This week the adoptions of three puppies, a Bichon Freise and a Cocker Spaniel were not big surprises. We were all very happy they found homes of course, but it's usually the less sought-after dogs being adopted that we celebrate the most. This week, a dog named Champ was our biggest surprise. Champ is a Miniature Pinscher mix that has been staying at our shelter. He is a very sweet dog by himself, but he found the noise and the other dogs at the shelter to be a bit overwhelming, and he seemed very unhappy there. So it is great news that he has his very own home now.

As fast as we adopt them out, we can never get ahead. Right now we have some wonderful dogs available for adoption. You can read about their stories on our website, but since I only have Noelle at home, and I talk about her all the time, I thought I'd talk about some of my other favorite Heartland dogs who are waiting for homes.


This is Wiggles - isn't he cute? Before volunteering for Heartland, I was never really a fan of beagles, but after meeting so many of them I have started to really like the breed. Wiggles is one of the best beagles I've met. He is so sweet and loving - and everytime I see him, he is happy to just sit in my lap and be petted.


This is Frazier. He was found him running loose - he wouldn't put any weight on one leg, and we think he may have been hit by a car. We took him in, and the vet found that Frazier's leg had a serious break that requires surgery to repair. Without Heartland, Frazier would have been put down. He's a young dog, so sweet and affectionate, and has the potential to recover completely and live a full happy life. So the Heartland volunteers made the decision to proceed with the surgery and try to raise the funds to cover the cost. We received a grant from the United Animal Nations to cover part of the cost, but we still need to raise around $400.00 to pay for the rest of the surgery. If you can help with this, please click here to donate.
This is Dexter. He's an Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler, just like my previous foster dog Tulsa is. He is a funny little guy - he always has this big smile on his face, everytime I see him. Well, almost every time - sometimes at PetSmart he likes to bark at the other dogs, just like Tulsa used to. But Tulsa found a wonderful home so I know that Dexter can too! Australian Cattle Dogs are known to be very intelligent, and Dexter is no exception - he will make a wonderful pet for someone.


Dash is an Australian Cattle Dog mix - the same breed as Dexter, only Dash is a "red heeler" instead of a "blue heeler". Dash always makes me laugh. Every time I see him, we play a game where he does a play bow, then I do a play bow, then he picks up his favorite toy and runs with it as fast as he can. Then he stops suddenly, and runs back the other way, and I chase him. We both love the game (although I bet I look pretty silly when I'm playing with him). Like most cattle dogs, he has a lot of energy, but he's another dog who is going to make a great pet. Whomever adopts him will be very lucky to have him!
Thanks to Rhonda, another Heartland volunteer, for the great pictures of all of these dogs.

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