Monday, April 6, 2009

Introducing Marco and Polo, Update on other fosters

Tonight I took in two new cat fosters - Marco and Polo. They are brothers, around 6 years old, and they are the most beautiful cats I've ever fostered. They are also both very friendly. They remind me of a cat that I had growing up, and I'm crazy about them after only having them for a couple of hours! Marco and Polo have been through a lot in their life, but they've always had each other. So I'll be keeping them both until they can find a home together. Sometimes adult cats are hard to place together - especially when one is special needs (Marco is deaf) but in this case I can't imagine that they'll have a hard time finding a home. Not only are they beautiful, but they are easy-going, and get along with other cats, dogs, and kids. The family who rescued Marco and Polo originally was very sad to give them up, but the son was allergic so they had to find another home for the cats. But then a few years later the second family who adopted them decided they could no longer keep them and they turned them in to a shelter. Fortunately the first owner had microchipped the cats, and when the shelter contacted her, she immediately went and rescued them again. Then she asked for our help to find them a good home. When I got them tonight, she told me that Polo was very athletic. He proved this when I put him in the bathroom while getting his room ready for him. I went in to get him and found him on top of the shower doors! He actually seemed quite comfortable up there. This is Marco on the left, and Polo on the right.

As usual, the camera was out so I had to take pictures of the rest of my fosters. Here is a picture of Una, snuggling among some stuffed animals. She is still a bit shy, but she's starting to come greet me occasionally now.

Here is Shiro. He's always ready to greet me and get attention and petting, and of course canned food!
Here is a picture of Lucy with Boo. I always think its a good sign when the dogs don't mind going in a crate even when they don't have to. It means I'm doing a good job of keeping the crate as a good place to be, instead of somewhere they have to stay when I'm not home. Here Lucy went in and settled down for a nap, and I guess Boo thought that she looked so comfortable, that she decided to go join her!
And for anyone who heard rumors that Lucy was adopted - it's not true, unfortunately.
Here's Boo on the left and Noelle on the right. These two aren't related. But I think Boo is starting to look more like Noelle every day. Poor Boo. :-)

I have a temporary, one night house-guest. He doesn't have a name right now, but I'm calling him Romeo because he likes to give kisses. He's on his way from a shelter to the vet, and then he's going to be adopted tomorrow!

And here are a couple pictures from our Trivia Night. A few of the Silent Auction items...

Trivia Night

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