Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Secret Of My Survival

I thought about titling this post "The Secret of My Success".  But honestly I don't think you can really call anything about my life a success.  Except for the foster pets that get adopted.  They are each a success story.  So I decided to go with the more accurate title of "The Secret Of My Survival". 

Sometimes people ask me how I manage to work 40 hours a week, care for my own pets, volunteer at adoption events each weekend, foster multiple dogs and cats, and still have time to write blog posts.  It sounds like a lot, but I have a few secrets that I will now share with you.   

The majority of the credit goes to one person - my husband.  If Dave had his way, I would only foster one dog at a time, and no cats.  When we first discussed fostering, he had no idea what he was signing up for.  But he makes the best of it.  He shares equally in the responsibility for the dogs (the cats' care is all up to me - he draws the line there!)  We usually work different shifts, so he has the dogs most of the afternoon and early evening while I'm at work.  He spends time with them, makes sure they get dinner, and even plays and wrestles with them. He's the one that helped Ziggy invent the Ziggy Dance!  (Side note: The Ziggy Dance is catching on in Las Vegas now!) I would not feel good about fostering so many dogs if he wasn't around, since many nights after work I'm either running to the vet's office or doing a home visit for a foster pet or attending a fundraising meeting or bribing someone to cook for me.  With Dave there, I don't have to worry about leaving the dogs alone all day while I'm gone. 
Speaking of cooking - I don't.  Neither does my husband.  We also don't go out to dinner at a restaurant very often (maybe once a month).  You might be surprised how much time you can free up if you don't cook or go out to eat!  Fortunately Dave and I work different shifts, and when his daughter Rachael isn't here, we pretty much fend for ourselves for dinner since we eat at different times.  So last night for me that meant a Pepsi and two pieces of buttered bread for dinner.  Hey, I heated them in the microwave first - yum!  Oh, and I had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  Maybe two cookies - I can't remember.  Anyway, my eating habits aren't the best, but on the plus side it does leave me more time to take the dogs for walks or clean the cat litterboxes.  Besides, no one ever said cereal for dinner was a bad thing.  Did they?

Work.  It pays the bills.  And I'm fortunate to have a job and a boss that are very flexible.  First, they let me fill up my cubicle with pictures of foster pets (the pictures seen here are foster dogs I had last year, photos credit: krazykatlady).  Second my wonderful boss (I'd say that even if she didn't occasionally read my blog!) lets me change my hours and come in late on days that one of my fosters is sick - or has an accident in the house - or finds some other way to make me late for work which happens on a regular basis.  I am very grateful for the flexibility since fostering presents many unforseen circumstances in life! 

So every evening I try to fit in some time for playing with the dogs, petting the cats, doling out medication to anyone who needs it, scooping litter boxes, cleaning the house, taking pictures, and playing Farmville.  Sometimes I even take the dogs for walks if time allows.  As long as it doesn't cut into my Farmville time.  Hey, just being honest here.  And in the spirit of honesty, I'll tell you about my blog posts.  I cheat.  Since the majority of my free time is on weekends, I write most of them on the weekend and schedule them to automatically post each day during the following week. I also don't bother actually planning what I'm going to say.  I pretty much just look at the pictures I've taken during the previous week, type whatever I'm thinking about, and that's what you get to read.  Most of the time no planning or editing or improving actually takes place (as you may have noticed).  So I hope you'll forgive me for that.  As you can tell from reading my posts, it's not so much about success around here as it is about survival - and  hanging in there until each foster pet gets his or her own success story. 

Coming soon - Barney Rubble (the cat as old as the cartoon character) and one or two new foster dogs!


Frankie Furter said...

Having a husband that is a dawg lover would be the only way you could do what you do, that's for sure!!

Remington said...

What a beautiful life you and your husband have! To both be so passionate for the same thing is a true blessing! My husband and I are on the same page too when it comes to animals. It is so nice to be able to share something so important!

Anonymous said...

That was a Most Interesting peek inside your life. Um, but you left out one part. You know, the part where you sleep? After reading this postie, I'm really not very much sure you do actually do that sleeping thing.

I thinks you're very lucky to have your husband. But then, I thinks he's very lucky to have YOU, too! Just imagine how dull and boring and pet fur-free his life would be without you.

Wiggles & Wags,

the booker man said...

miss dog foster mom,
you sure are a busy lady! thanks for all the hard work you do, and thanks to your hubby for all the work he does, too! i'm glad you both enjoy caring for fosters and helping them find forever homes!!!
i'll let you get back to your farmville now. teehee.
the booker man

meowmeowmans said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us. It really helps to have a spouse who is on the same page, doesn't it? :)

Kari in WeHo said...

no harm in cheating! I sometimes to the same now that the travel messes with my schedule so!

Lola said...

It seems as if your life is very successful in the things that matter to you. It all still seems like a whole lot to do. If you're happy doing it then that's wonderful because there sure is a need for what you do.

wags, Lola

3 doxies said...

Hey Foster Woman, you do realize they is only 24 hrs in a day, right? Just wondering if you knew that. I must say, kudos to your hubby and Boss. Most hoomans don't quite understands what it takes to be a pet pawrent. And most hoomans wouldn't put up with what you do...hehehe. Oh an by da way...mum don't cook eithers...shhhh!

Lorenza said...

You and your husband are the best!
Doing all those things during the day does not sound easy but sure you are very well organized!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

SwSmartie said...

I also cheat, since I'm "da boss" I just blog while I'm at work. I also write term papers, and drink coffee (working at a coffee shop rocks!)

My husband gets super annoyed when the shelter ladies (which they all are) ask him if he knew what he was being 'dragged' into. I think it somehow affects his manhood that they think a little girl bosses him around. lol

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Amen to that! Having an understanding spouse makes it all possible.

Shannon and the Gang

Mango said...

You and your husband are doing it together. That is what makes it work. Plus the whole not cooking thing totally rocks. I said goodbye to the kitchen once the kids moved out.

Mango Momma

havetailwillwag said...

love your cubicle decorations! what could be more uplifting during a stressful work day than seeing photos of your beloveds? your boss sounds awesome. she must be a very compassionate person.

kissa-bull said...

we have a word for women like you
pee.s mommish ish an farmville addict

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

Schwang said...

I really look forward to reading your blog, so your "cheating" is working. Thanks for giving us a glimpse behind the curtain; we have enough to do with just the 2 pooches, it's amazing what you've been able to do including the fosters.