Friday, May 7, 2010

Things I thought you should know.

Some people have extra compassion for certain types of animals. For example, I am a sucker for a deaf dog. One of my rescue friends told me she likes older cats, and Abyssinians. She offered to take Barney Rubble from me to foster, and I immediately said "Yes, can I bring him to you tonight?" I wanted to make sure she didn't change her mind. But I have to tell you, I already miss the old guy. Okay, not really. I am just grateful to my friend for taking him. Not nearly as grateful as Barney is, but still - very grateful. It also opened up room at my house to save some kittens. More about them tomorrow  whenever I get around to taking their pictures soon.  

Remember Duke? He used to be my foster dog. Then he ate my wall. Then I persuaded another foster home to take him, by taking one of her foster dogs that didn't get along with her own dog. We switched fosters, and the foster dog I took from her got adopted almost immediately, while she's had Duke for over three months now. In my own defense, I have offered to take Duke back - several times. The first time was right after he ate her wall. The second time was after he dug out of the yard underneath the fence. The remaining times were usually after another one of my foster dogs went home and I had room to take him back. Each time she declined, claiming she liked the little guy. So I happily went on with taking in other foster dogs that as of yet have NOT eaten any drywall in my house. Oh and as for Duke, last Saturday he went out on a trial adoption! I am now taking bets on how long it'll be before he eats their wall and gets returned. Is that wrong?

You know how sometimes you hear a story after its been told by several people, and later you find out all of the details were wrong? I'm about to tell you one of those stories, and since I don't know all of the details, I think I'll make up some of my own. Just so you know.

A family was driving down the road in their car, their much loved family dog on the seat next to them. The dog had been with them for his whole life, and he was now a senior dog, looking forward to spending his last years with his family. Then the family was pulled over, and the police officer found that they were illegal aliens. The family was detained by Immigration, and the dog was removed and sent to a shelter.  The dog was so depressed, he decided to live out the rest of his days under a van. 

No, not really.  The ending of the story hasn't been written yet. The dog is in a shelter now. Will he find a new home with owners who will love him his remaining days? Will he take too long to be adopted, and have to be euthanized? I met him at an adoption event last weekend. He was napping in the shade under a van. I thought about joining him, but I didn't want to get too attached. And I didn't want people to make fun of me. But mostly I didn't want to get too attached.

Ziggy is still with me, and is still generating as much drama as ever. My sister asked if it would be possible to just give him away. I told her no one would take him.  Then my husband asked if we could just let him go free (he wants to do this with the cats on a regular basis too). I told him Ziggy was microchipped so he'd just find his way back to us. He was still willing to take the chance, but I said no. On the plus side, all of the All Paws volunteers agree with me that he is making progress. For example, at adoptions this Saturday he chewed up and ate the following: two rawhide bones, six beef jerky treats, four pieces of trash found on the ground, one dog toy, and twenty-seven sticks. This is an improvement because last week he ate all of that plus a plastic water bottle. Also because he spent a little bit less of his time trying to chew on people's hands this week. Overall, I'm very satisfied that our training regimen is working. At this rate of improvement, he is still on track to be adoptable by the time he turns three or four years old!
Actually I may have figured out a way to market Ziggy a little bit more. Besides his Fan Club (autographed pictures are forthcoming to all fans!), I think I can leverage the whole "Green" Environmental craze to get Ziggy a home. After all, we already know he is a "green" dog. And obviously he is working hard to recycle every single thing he can fit in his mouth. If I can turn it into a positive instead of a negative, maybe Ziggy will be in high demand! In the meantime, I'm still keeping an eye out for that lumberjack family to come along.


Lola said...

Good luck with Ziggy. Three or four can be a nice age to adopt a dog. :)

wags, Lola

Erika said...

OH I have just been waiting and waiting for another post about Ziggy. I do have to admit he is my favourite, I showed your blog to my sister and boy was she a sucker for Remi (I think it's because she loves great danes). AT Ziggy's rate of adoptability, I should be able to take him home with me to Canda haha.

Remington said...

Great post!

Calsidyrose said...

I agree: some of us are drawn to certain types of dogs. My Off-Site Team Leader loves BIG dogs--she trains them to follow along and hang with her off-leash, something I never do with my dogs.

She told me she doesn't like little dogs! She knows that I do, so we each have our special skills.

Thank YOU for sticking by Ziggy! He will find a home!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I buy my own house I'll take Ziggy! I raised his doppleganger, Quizz, and survived the experience. Plus, I don't have to go through puppy teething! Win-Win!

I'll keep you posted.


3 doxies said...

Foster gots a problem withs recycling? I haves my very own recycling bin outside. My hoomans put stuffs in there and then I goes and gets it out...there recycled...hehehehe!
Now that alien thing puts a new spin on things. Why woulds they want to come to earth?

Anonymous said...

Oh - I hopes that old doggy finds a new home to luvs on him. Gosh, it just breaks my little heart when old doggies and kittehs have to looks for new homes. (And just for the record, I wouldn't have thoughts you were weird for laying under the truck with him.)

And I hopes that Duke is on his best behaviors for his trial adoption. Did his fostermommy tell them about his, um, special challenge?

I haves a confession to make. There's a teeny little part of me that hopes that Ziggy stays with you forever. I know, I know! I'm sorry! But I don't know how I could lives without updates on that crazy guy! So he most obviously has to go to a home of blogging lumberjacks.

Wiggles & Wags,

havetailwillwag said...

It frustrates me that i can't have Ziggy!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! Can i send you a huge box with holes punched in it and then you can mail him to me. its ok if he eats the box!! then i don't have to unpack him later :) he'd get along sooooo well with spike and molly i swear!! darn it i wish i lived in the states!!!

Teal'c said...

Ohhh - that poor old dog!!! That is a really sad story :( But fingers crossed, he finds a new home.
Well and Ziggy... My mom says she understands the "leting him run free" thoughts! She wanted to put me on Ebay under "free to good hands" because I was such a mess at the beginning... But now?! I'M A PICTURE BOOK DOGGIE (ALMOST) :)
So good luck!
Slobbers Master T.

This One Wild Life said...

Thanks for all you do. My husband and I rescue, foster and have a house filled with adopted rescue animals so we understand the commitment it takes.

Ziggy is like our Emmett. Emmett was so enfuriating with his behavioral shortcomings that we had to adopt him. Now we can no longer foster, but the only way this dog had a chance was if somebody devoted themselves to a lifetime of love, commitment and a LOT of no, no, nos. We have no regrets beyond no longer being able to foster, but my husband running the local dog adoption program for more than 10 years eases some of that disapointment. :)

Good luck with Ziggy and see you at the next blog hop!

Mango said...

Hey! My Angus ate through a wall too, but that didn't make him a bad dog. Poor old Ziggy. He needs to find some free spirit humans who are like him and keen to explore all the world has to offer.


Kari in WeHo said...

Maybe a family of beavers needs help with a dam?