Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rescue Me Week: Scotty

As part of Rescue Me Week, I'm featuring two adoptable pets each day.  Today is Scotty's day!

Scotty #1 is a Domestic Short Hair buff colored cat.  He has crinkled ears and he is FIV positive.  Scotty is good with kids and friendly with other cats.  He lives in Missouri.  Currently he's taken over the cat tree in my room as his own personal territory.  I believe he's planning to take that cat tree with him when he is adopted!

Scotty #2 is a Domestic Short Hair black and white cat.  He also has crinkled ears, and he also is FIV positive.  Scotty is good with kids and friendly with other cats.  He lives in a foster home in California.

These two Scottys, along with 90 other dogs, cats and rabbits named Scotty, are waiting to be adopted.


Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

What beautiful kitties, I sure hope they find a perfect home, furry soon!

Brandon's Raiser

Cr8z4Cats! said...

I love both of them - beautiful boys! Here's to a big adoption weekend for everyone complete with perfect homes and forever happy endings!!! PS: Zoey got adopted last weekend - hurray! It only took a year but it's a great home so well worth the wait. Now time for her baby, Peanut, to find his home!

Anonymous said...

I luvs BOTH of those crinkle-eared kittehs named Scotty! I just wanna snorgle them! Do you think they'd let me do that? I wish I had a whole house-full of kittehs to snorgle - starting with those two!

And a RAT named Ranger? Brudder Ranger said it was cuz in the olden days some tribes named their children after great, fearsome warriors of enemy tribes. But, well, I'm not so sure I believes him.

Wiggles & Wags,

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the foster homes, who know there is a home somewhere out there for each and every precious baby.