Friday, November 11, 2011

Rescue Me Week: Ziggy

I couldn't finish off Rescue Me Week without including Ziggy!  Here are just two of 250 pets named Ziggy currently looking for their forever homes.

Ziggy #1 is a Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier mix  at an all-breed rescue group in Virginia.  He is two years old, and is house-trained and crate trained.  Ziggy is very intelligent and social.  He can be pushy with other dogs, and can be a bit too rough for young children. His listing says he's be a great agility dog.  Ziggy knows basic obedience like sit, down, off and wait.  He is said to be "a very smart boy and his new family needs to be pretty clever to stay a step ahead of him!".

Ziggy #2 is not all that different.  He's at an all-breed rescue group in Missouri (currently being fostered by me!).  He is also two years old, and is also house-trained and crate-trained.  Like Ziggy #1, Ziggy #2 is also very intelligent and social.  He can also be pushy with other dogs and needs a home without young children.  He is a great agility dog - not the fastest dog out there, but he's not bad.  He knows basic obedience just like Ziggy #1, and he is also "a very smart boy with a family who will need to stay a step ahead of him!"  You can read more about Ziggy #2 on this blog or by visiting

It's kind of amazing that over the past week, I could take five of my own foster pets and find five more adoptable pets out there that had so much in common with each one, AND shared the same name!   Right now there are over 364,000 pets available for adoption on  This doesn't even include the many other shelters and rescues who don't advertise their adoptable pets on Petfinder.  This country still has a huge problem with unwanted pets.  Thank you Mayzie for bringing together the blogging community to bring awareness to this problem.

I often try to keep this blog as a positive place - sharing the fun times, the funny things that happen, and the joy that I get from fostering.  But there are times that rescue is heart-breaking.  I know I can't save them all, but that doesn't make it any easier to walk away from those I can't save.  I made this video to help others realize the need that is out there.


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I'd have a really tough time choosing between those two Ziggies!

Stefanie said...

Heartbreaking video - but realistic about what is happening in shelters today. Thank you and all other fosters and those who adopt animals from shelters and rescues - you are a part of the solution!

As always - your foster Ziggy is a delight to read about. May he find his forever home soon - along with all the others "long-timers" in foster care.

Purrfect Haven said...

heart breaking, we feel so sad. Thnkful for Ziggy to lift us. Good luck and wish we could do more.. will continue to spread the word. Love Helen, Darcy and Helen xxx

Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

That's so heartbreaking, but thank you for creating the video! (one of my favorite songs, btw!)
I do hope these 2 Ziggies will be able to find a home!

Brandon's Raiser

road-dog-tales said...

Love your adorable adoptable "doubles" theme! We hope they ALL get new wonderful furever homes.
Hey, does that video come with a box of kleenex?

The Road Dogs

Two Pitties in the City said...

It really is so hard knowing that there are so many pets out there who need homes. But seeing what you do is such an inspiration. Loved seeing your guest post on Love and a Leash! We still love seeing Ziggy.

Unknown said...

The video made me cry. Thank you for what you do. Your blog really inspired me to foster and we got our first one today. A pittie mix with sticking out ribs and overgrown nails. Hopefully, we can rehabilitate him as soon as possible and find him a loving forever home.

Keep up the good job!
Lisa A.

Anonymous said...

Ziggy in black AND white! I wonder if it's the name "Ziggy" that makes dogs so, um, SPECIAL! Anybuddy would be lucky to have either one. I sure hope that they both are able to finds the homes that deserve their specialness real soon!

And that video makes us sad but we know it's just how it is. Thank you for everything you do to help as many as pawsible find their happily-ever-afters!

Wiggles & Wags,

Bobby said...

We have to agree with what you say about fostering hearbreaking indeed.
But so rewarding when all goes well.
Licks Bobby

Dog Foster Mom said...

Lisa, that is awesome about your first foster dog! I hope you have a great time with your new foster!

Bev said...

The black and white Ziggy's made me want to break out in a rendition of Ebony and Ivory by the Beatles. Great pictures and love the video.