Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Four Dogs under the age of 2!!

Technically Remi just turned 2 years old -- but we basically have four puppies of varying ages at our house right now. A 2-year-old Great Dane, a 1-year-old cattle dog/shepherd/unknown mix, a 6-month-old Australian Cattle Dog, and a 3-month-old unknown mix puppy. The one thing these dogs have in common - they LOVE to play. Here are some pictures I took recently.
Here is Tulsa, showing us how much she dislikes her dog food -- she pretends if she eats it, it kills her.

Remi and Tulsa play tag:

When playtime is over, Remi makes a great table for Tulsa to munch on her bone.

Here's an idea -- let's put one toy in the middle of three puppies, and see what happens!

Koda says "why's that big dog destroying my puppy toy?!"

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Pam B said...

Bless you for taking in these dogs. We've done rescue and some fund raisers, but never foster care. If you need a smile check out my husband's website www.waywardwienerdogdesigns.com and there are pics of our dogs on the about us page. Tulsa is a sweety...