Saturday, February 9, 2008

One dog gone...

Since both Benny and Tulsa are expected to be harder to place dogs (Benny because of his age, and Tulsa because of her deafness), I didn’t expect to go to PetSmart with two dogs and come home with only one this week! But that’s what happened! Shortly after I got there, some people came in and looked at all our dogs, and then they decided that they liked Benny! They decided to adopt him, and he was the first dog to go home today! I will miss having him around, and my husband will too, but I did decide that having three dogs is a bit much until we get our fence put in. Once that’s done – hopefully in another two weeks – I’ll be pushing my husband to let me take 2 foster dogs again! I already know the ones I want to bring home next – unless of course we’re lucky and they get adopted first!

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