Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introducing Koda

That's right, we now have another foster dog, at least temporarily. My husband went up to PetSmart a few days ago and some people found a puppy across the street that they didn't know what to do with so they took it to PetSmart. My husband volunteered to bring her home - just for one night. So yesterday he took her back to PetSmart to check for a micro-chip and hopefully find the puppy's owners. No luck - no tags and no microchip! He didn't want her to get sent to a shelter and possibly put to sleep if no one ever wanted her, so he brought her back home. We've posted ads online and sent the dog's picture to area shelters, hoping to find out who she belongs to. However, if this puppy was an unwanted dog that someone just dumped, then we may be keeping her until she can be adopted out! She is a very sweet puppy - gets along great with all three of our current dogs and appears to be house-trained as well! We've named her Koda. I just hope that either Selena or Tulsa finds a new home soon, since I'm afraid four dogs will be too much for both me and my husband to handle. Anyone out there interested in fostering a puppy for a few weeks?! :-)
Here are a few pictures of Koda:

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