Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update on Tulsa

Tulsa is such a sweet dog. She has been sleeping in our bed (yes, I'm spoiling her for whomever adopts her - but I can't help it!) and she loves to curl up next to me and put her head on my leg to sleep. She patiently sleeps until I'm ready, then when I get up she is so excited to get up too and start her day! This morning I let her and Remi outside, and they immediately began playing chase and wrestle which they love to do. Now that we have a fence (they finished installing it yesterday!) the dogs can have a lot more room outside to run and play. Tulsa made me dizzy running in circles around a tree - I think she made Remi dizzy too. Remi reciprocated by trapping Tulsa between his front legs so she couldn't move. It was hilarious - wish I had my camera ready! My husband Dave discovered that Tulsa loves to chase a laser pointer -- she is so determined to catch that little red dot. Its a great way to exercise her, since we can stand on the deck and just have her chase it from one side of the yard to the other, over and over. And finally the big hill in the back yard is coming in handy -- running up it will certainly tire her out faster than running on flat ground! :-) Still we get bored of it before she does - I think I'll have to make sure to buy a laser pointer for whomever ends up adopting her.

I've also been teaching Tulsa to run on our treadmill. I love taking the dogs for walks, but with the cold weather we've had lately, the treadmill has been a good alternative. Tulsa will happily run on the treadmill now with no problems. Remi is still afraid to get on it while its moving, but he is a bit less coordinated than she is. Its not his fault, he's just too big. Fortunately he's also not a puppy anymore so he is happy just being lazy on the couch after he gets his play time with Tulsa. :-)

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