Thursday, April 24, 2008

Foster Cat Update

The kittens went to the vet yesterday to get ready for adoption on Saturday. They were neutered and microchipped and given shots. They also all received clean bills of health, including testing negative for FIV and FeLV. I was very relieved! Now the hard part - I have to keep them separated from the mother cat. I feel so cruel doing that! But I know its in their best interests. First, the mother cat needs it so they stop nursing, because she can't be spayed and get ready to get adopted for a few weeks after that. Also, since the new kittens could be going to a new home as soon as this weekend, they need to get used to being without their mom. I still let them "visit" when I can watch them, but I think this will be a more gradual way for them to get used to being on their own. My little boys are growing up! :-) I am glad they will be adopted soon though because they need more human contact than I can give them. Since I have to keep them quarantined from my animals, and since I don't want Remi to eat them, they stay in an extra bedroom. The cats are all glad to see me when I come in, but especially the mother cat. I like to think its because they like me - not just because I sometimes bring them canned food when I come in.

Here is their latest picture, which will be added to the Heartland website soon:

And here's one of Ella. I have put in several different cat beds, in addition to the regular bed in the room, but she prefers to lay in the middle of the floor on the carpet. :-)
Here are the kittens right after they woke up one morning.
And here they are during one of their "play sessions" that they have whenever they aren't sleeping!