Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which name do you like best?

See the post below this one to learn about the two new foster dogs I brought home last night. My husband named the shepherd/rottweiler mix Samantha, so that's definite. We're trying to come up with a name for the Pitbull mix now. At the moment I'm calling her Vala, but I think I might change it. Please vote for one or more names listed in the poll at the bottom of the page, for this dog:

Of course, my husband gets final say, but I will try to persuade him of whatever the majority likes. You may ask why he gets final say -- since he doesn't read this blog, I will tell you. :-) He is not crazy about us fostering dogs. And since I work full-time, I depend on him to help me somewhat, by taking the dogs out when he gets home from work, or putting up with them when they have accidents or chew up his shoes or things like that. I think if I let him name the dogs, he becomes more attached to them and therefore likes them better. At least, this is my working theory. ;-) I thought when I got these two dogs that he would like the pit bull puppy - it would remind him of Koda, possibly. So I got the pit bull puppy for him, and the shepherd puppy for me. Samantha reminds me of Ernie, who I recently fostered. However, so far it appears that he will be more attached to Sam, and I'll be more attached to the yet-unnamed dog (because it would be unfair for both of us to be more attached to the same dog)! I've only had them less than 24 hours though, so we'll see what happens. :-)

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