Monday, April 21, 2008

Selena was adopted!

Selena has finally found her (hopefully) forever home! She met a nice family on Saturday at PetSmart, and yesterday we went to their house so she could meet their dog. Selena had a great time playing with the dog, as well as the kids in the family. So she stayed there, and I went home without her. I miss her very much - the house is much quieter without her. She was my second-longest foster dog ever - I had her for about two months. I know that's a very short time compared to the length of time that some people foster animals. But for me, it's plenty long enough to get very attached. I got to see her improve so much from where she started. She became housebroken, and learned various obedience commands. And she even became a little bit calmer! I feel like I really made a difference with Selena, and that almost makes up for how much I miss her! It will help when I have another foster dog. Right now the house is quiet with just our own dog Remi and the cats. It's boring, to be honest. :-) I am going to a high-kill shelter this afternoon, and will be able to help pick out another dog that would die without Heartland Humane Society. I may foster it, or more likely I'll send it to the "expert" foster mom while I foster another one that has been at Heartland for awhile. When the dogs first come in from the high-kill shelters, they usually haven't been vaccinated or treated for most medical conditions. Sometimes they have parvo or kennel cough or other problems. So I get the easy end of the deal by sending them to the expert foster mom for care, and then taking one of the other dogs that she has already treated and vaccinated and prepared for adoption! Good deal on my part, don'tcha think? :-)

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