Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sage was adopted!

Saturday was a very slow day at PetSmart, as only one dog was adopted. The good news is that dog was Sage, one of my previous fosters. I only had Sage for a short time, before she went back to her first foster mom's home. She went home to a family with kids, and I think she'll be a great fit for them. They were originally interested in Kermit, and while I know he would have been a little too much for them because of the small children, I was so happy that someone *wanted* him (besides the HHS volunteers). I really really want to foster Kermit, if I can ever get down to no other foster dogs. My only concern is how he will do with Remi, since they are both very large male dogs. But if he does okay, I want to foster him at least for a short time, and help him find a home that is perfect for him. (Read my old post on our special needs dogs, or his bio on the HHS website for info on Kermit). He's such a great dog, and if I can foster him and see how he does in a home, and find out more about what his special needs would be, it might be easier to find someone who will be able to give him his own forever home.

Vala and Sam are doing great, and will be ready for adoption in another week or so. I did decide to keep Vala's current name, since it won the most votes, and she's even starting to learn what her name is. Vala has calmed down quite a bit, and both dogs are settling in well. They're also both sleeping in our bed every night - once again, totally spoiled for whomever adopts them. But I figure that's my perogative as a foster mom. :-) They're not completely housebroken yet, but they are improving every day. They're also doing great with learning some basic obedience, and getting along well with each other, my dog Remi and the cats. In fact, the kittens came out of their room to check the dogs out, and walked around like they owned the place. It was very funny to watch.

The kittens went up to Petsmart on Saturday, but none of them were adopted. Hopefully this week they will do better! I also found out from one of the cat foster moms they're old enough to purr, but none of them ever do. So my new goal is to get them to start purring for me. Not sure how to accomplish that right now... but I'll see what I can figure out. :-)