Friday, February 13, 2009

Boo's drive-by eating habits

I noticed something this morning that I hadn't paid much attention to before. I'm calling it Boo's drive-by eating habits. Boo, the little pit bull puppy, has been skinny since I got her. She always seemed to eat a lot, but then she'd burn off all the calories with her non-stop energy. Since she's been living with the other puppies, I've noticed she doesn't seem to get as much food as them. I feed them twice a day, and dump their alloted portion into two bowls in their exercise pen, and watch them all dive in. They don't get aggressive with each other, and at first I was worried that Boo would push the other ones out of the way - she's not shy about getting what she wants. :-) But she tended to stay in the background - she'd go up and get a piece of food then retreat, while all the others were practically immersed in the food bowls. So I started hand feeding her extra food after they finished eating. So this morning, I decided to let her run around the house with me while I got ready for work. The puppies were in the ex-pen, and the adult dogs were in the backyard, so I just carried an extra food bowl into my room with me, hoping she would eat more. It was then that I realized what she does, whether there are other dogs around or not. She runs up to the food bowl, grabs one piece of kibble, and then darts away as fast as she can. She gets ten feet away or so, and chews up that one piece of kibble, and then she goes running back to the food bowl and grabs another piece. She acts like she's stealing each piece, and she won't eat anywhere in the vicinity of the bowl. Sometimes she rushes by so fast, she grabs for a piece of kibble but misses it altogether. It's so funny to watch - I didn't have time before work, but later this weekend I'll try to get it on video. She seems to do it whether there is anyone around (human or canine) or she is alone. I think she probably burns more calories running to and from the food bowl than she actually gets from each little piece of kibble she takes. Silly puppy!

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