Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another quiet day at PetSmart

It was very slow at Petsmart today. We still had a few dogs adopted though. I came back home with the same dogs and cats that I took up there - but at least I didn't add any new ones this week! :-)

Boo is so funny - of all my foster animals, she is the only one who seems to enjoy going to PetSmart. In fact, she seems to enjoy everything she does. At home when I can't watch her she stays in an exercise pen, with a plastic crate inside it where she sleeps. Lately she's been climbing on top of her crate - my husband said she thinks that she's Snoopy. Today she's figured out how to climb onto the top of the crate and then out of the expen, and she's done it several times already. I finally had to take the crate out - the ex-pen is four feet tall, and I'm afraid she will get hurt one of these times jumping down from that height! Right now she's curled up in her new dog bed and seems very content.

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krazycatlady said...

No fair, if I added 11 dogs this week it's only right that you should have more dogs at your house than I do!