Monday, February 2, 2009

Tommy was adopted! Introducing Kiwi & Scribbles

Yesterday, my gray tabby foster cat Tommy has found a home! He's been living up at PetSmart for awhile, and yesterday someone met him and adopted him! Now he can finally have a real home with room to run and play and people to give him a lot of love and attention.

I also took in two new foster cats about a week ago. First is Kiwi - she is a gray tabby with brown markings, aka a torbie. She is very sweet and affectionate, and loves everyone. She is not scared of much either - she already hangs out in the house with all the dogs, and even ignores them when Tulsa barks at her. Here is a picture of her staring down the dogs. :-)

And this is Scribbles. She has tortoiseshell markings and calico markings, aka a tortieco. She is very sweet and affectionate with me, but very scared of everything else. She's afraid of the other cats and the dogs, and still spends most of her time in the cat room. Whenever I go in she runs to me and sits on my lap to be petted. I hope she finds a quiet home where she will be given a lot of attention, because she is so loving when she isn't afraid.
Here is a picture of Tulsa (my foster Blue Heeler) and Remi (my own Great Dane) - they were watching the cats sitting behind the gate on the other side of the room. They kind of look like they're waiting for the cats to jump over the gate so they can have a meal. :-) Remi is really afraid of cats though - and Tulsa just likes to bark at them, but she doesn't try to eat them!

Boo is only a week older than the litter of 8 puppies I am fostering, so I put her with them so she would have company and be able to practice her dog relationship skills. She has done great with them - as you can see, she fits right in!

The puppies are finally ready for adoption, and will be able to go to PetSmart this weekend to try to find homes.

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Lisa said...

Holy cow Laurie! You adopt 1 out and bring 2 home. That kind of math is gonna catch up with you! :-) Happy for Tommy and those darling pups will go quickly. And the video of Boo barking is just hilarious. My girls ran around the house imitating it for an hour and they still talk about it. Very cute!