Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Puppy Pictures

Yesterday was a slow day for dog adoptions, but we did have one dog adopted - Mickey, a beautiful all white German Shepherd/Husky mix with beautiful blue eyes found his new home!

Today another foster friend came over and took pictures of my new puppies for me. They will be ready for adoption in two weeks, so I need pictures to get them on the website, so once they're ready hopefully a few of them can go to their new homes right away! Today they are eight weeks old, and they are growing quickly!

Scooby was the largest of the litter when I got them, but now he's fallen down to 5th place in size. I think its because when all the other puppies are diving for the food, he's still sitting there waiting for me to pet him some more. He is the most affectionate of the group right now - he just wants to be petted all the time.

Pebbles may be a Rottweiler/Beagle mix! At least, she has some of the features of each breed. And she's one of the most outgoing of the litter.

I think Keebler is the most unique looking. He is a funny brown/orange color, with the mask of a shepherd or husky.

Kasey is the largest of the litter now, at 9.8 lbs, and she's such a cute, happy puppy.

Gretchen is the smallest of the litter now, and one of the shyest puppies. She likes to be held and petted but she doesn't generally seek out attention.

Duchess looks a lot like her sister Pebbles, but she doesn't have the white markings. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing in a basket, or why we kept calling her name and flashing a bright light in her face, but she took it very well!

Clover was the runt of the litter when I got them, but now she's barely passed her sister Gretchen in weight and is no longer the smallest one. She's the most laid back and is usually napping while the other puppies play.

Amos is the "most improved" currently - he may be slightly TOO improved.... he gained almost 4 pounds in 10 days, and has become quite round. :-) He's just a happy puppy who enjoys his food!

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