Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boo's Bark; New Puppies

Okay, to properly enjoy this video of my foster puppy Boo, pay close attention to her ears!

The bad thing about this is I find it so funny, that I find myself going into the room and waiting to open the door of her ex-pen just so I can watch her bark and laugh at her. It is probably frustrating for her, not to mention teaching her bad habits (to bark when she wants something) but its so funny to watch that I can't help myself, at least for the next day or two. :-)

So I have three adult fosters and one new puppy - you'd think that would be plenty to keep me busy. But I heard a sad story at PetSmart yesterday. A family had taken in a dog who had been abused, and when they did it they didn't know the dog was pregnant. The dog had eight puppies and once they were weaned they had to get rid of them. So, I agreed to take them and foster them until they were ready for adoption. The puppies are about six weeks old, and they appear to be All-American Mutts - in this case, probably a mixture of pit bull, rottweiler and/or husky, with possibly a splash of beagle or shepherd thrown in for good measure. There are five girls and three boys. Here are pictures of my new foster puppies!

This is Scooby - he is the largest of the litter, at 7 pounds.

This is Pebbles, Clover and Duchess - three mostly black puppies, all females. The smallest (Clover) is 4.8 pounds!

Two tan puppies - Amos (male) and Kasey (female).

This is Gretchen she is brindle and her face looks like a husky!

This is Keebler, a tan and black puppy with beautiful blue eyes.

Group photo!

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