Thursday, January 15, 2009

More about Nicoh

I took a few more pictures of Nicoh now that he's been groomed. I know I say this about a lot of different dogs, but Nicoh is just the best dog ever. He just wants to be held and petted all the time, and I'm happy to oblige every chance I get. He gets along well with all the other dogs, and the cat, and he's housebroken, and so cuddly!

That's Whisper in the bottom right corner of the second picture. She is doing great; she's like a totally different cat than she was at first. Now she no longer runs from the dogs, and she seems to think she owns the place. She's started jumping up on tables and counters, which my husband isn't happy about, but I'm just glad she appears so much at home finally. I know it is hard to go to a new place, and I was afraid she'd never get used to all the dogs at my house, so its nice to see her finally settle in.

We were contacted today about someone else who found a dog who had been hit by a car, and the dog was pregnant, and they need help placing the puppies into homes. There are so many needy animals out there, and I wish I could help the family who took in this injured dog, but I already have a house overfull with puppies.

My adorable eight foster puppies are doing wonderful. They are so much fun to watch - they wrestle and give these little tiny puppy growls while they play, and then they fall over, or sometimes they knock each other into the water bowl. Granted, they are very very messy, but so sweet! And then they all curl up together and nap, and I love to watch them.


Julie B. said...

Awww, he's so cute! I love his floppy little ears! I imagine he'll get adopted rather quickly with those good looks and sweet disposition.

krazycatlady said...

I can't believe that he didn't go home last weekend, or from the 2 kill shelters that he was taken to - this little guy was destined to have a great family, he's really holding out for just the right one!

Bernice said...


I noticed you are using puppy pads. I have two packs of them that we cannot use. Lexi eats them. If you could use them, let me know.

Also, I am at home all day sitting around waiting for jobs to find me so if you need some help, let me know. Some days I have interviews and some days I just sit around.