Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on my fosters

Nicoh (poodle mix) - Nicoh is doing great - after just a few hours with him, I am totally in love. He is very sweet, and just wants to be held and petted. He appears to be house-trained - at least, no accidents so far! He also did well with all my dogs! He gets along best with Tulsa - they love to run and play together. He's a bit intimidated by Remi and Noelle right now. He is going in tomorrow to be groomed, and then to the vet on Friday to be neutered.

Tulsa (deaf Blue Heeler) - She's SUCH a good dog - I grow to like her more every day. She is very responsive - probably because she is deaf, she relies more on her other senses to stay attuned to what is going on, so she's always watching, and responds immediately when I call her with a hand signal. She does whatever I ask of her, and has perfect house manners. If only she would display her great personality at PetSmart - but since she is so noisy there, she's going to get to take a week off from adoptions and relax at home this Saturday. Hmmm... maybe that's been her plan all along!

Noelle (deaf pit bull mix) - Poor Noelle has demodex mange. Fortunately this is not contagious, so she doesn't have to be quarantined. But she does need daily medication, and twice weekly medicated baths. She also will not be eligible for adoption until the mange is cleared up, so my husband is happy to know she'll be around for at least another month. It will also give me time to keep working with her, and perhaps even get her started on her intermediate obedience training class during that time.

Whisper (cat) - Whisper is settling in nicely, and is even starting to come out to the rest of the house around the dogs. She's stopped bossing Tommy around, and comes out to greet me and be petted whenever she sees me.

Tommy (cat) - Tommy is moving up to PetSmart! He is so friendly and cute, and so hopefully he will be adopted quickly. By moving up to one of the cages at PetSmart, he'll have a lot better chance of being seen and adopted. So tonight is moving night for him.

Bugsy (cat) - I almost forgot Bugsy! He's been living up at PetSmart, and you know- out of sight, out of mind. :-) Seriously, I am happy to report he is doing good. He gets all sorts of attention up there - I stop by when I can, other foster volunteers stop by, the volunteers who clean the cages there twice a day all give him lots of attention, and even my mom stopped by with my niece and nephew to visit him earlier this week! No one has really forgotten him, but he is still waiting to find a perfect home. Hopefully his new family will find him soon!

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