Monday, January 12, 2009

Bugsy was adopted!

We had a very good day at PetSmart this past weekend. I've been so busy taking care of puppies, I hadn't had time to write about it until now. But Bugsy, my foster cat, was adopted on Saturday! Also we had several dogs adopted, including eight puppies! Four of the puppies were from the Lab/Aussie litter that are so adorable - Polly, Ozzie, Cobbler and Cheerio were all adopted. And then the remaining three yellow lab/border collie puppies were all adopted (Joker, Jersey and Jinx), and most exciting for me, the last of Kiya's puppies - Cody was adopted!!! Also Susie, a coonhound was adopted, and I think several cats may have been adopted as well, but since I spend most of my time at PetSmart helping with dog adoptions, I'm not sure how cat adoptions were this week. It is so exciting that so many dogs were adopted - many of the puppies had been waiting for several months for their own home, and now their wait is over.

Saturday was very busy, and it was wonderful to have some new volunteers step up and help - it is greatly appreciated! And for me, yesterday was just as busy, and again two other Heartland volunteers were a huge help, as we spent most of the day cleaning up puppy papers, deworming the eight new puppies and giving them their first vaccinations. That is not an easy job with so many puppies! But we got it done, and it was much easier with so much help. This morning I rushed through caring for the puppies before work - it still took about 45 minutes - and as they continue to grow it will continue to take longer each time! Either I have to get faster at cleaning up puppy paper, or I need to find another foster home to help with some of these puppies! Any takers? :-)

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Michelle said...

My husband and I were at Petsmart on Saturday and were very interested in Chewie. We spent a lot of time with him but while we were thinking about it, another couple filled out an application to take him home. We're wondering if he was adopted or not because we are still very interested in him as well as his sisters who were not there on Saturday. We filled out an application and left a message but have not heard back from anyone about these puppies. We'd love to see all the puppies as soon as possible since we may be out of town this weekend. Please let us know if any of them are still available we'd be willing to visit them at their foster home any night this week. Thanks!