Thursday, January 22, 2009

One class finished....

Ten to go! I am currently attending CASI (Companion Animal Sciences Institute) to earn a diploma in Dog Training and another diploma in Shelter & Rescue Work. Today I finished my first class (with an A+, mom!) called Domestic Dog Behavior, and now I have only ten classes left. Next up is the class Principles of Learning and Behavior. I'm also taking a class called Introduction to Shelter & Rescue Work at the same time. It's taking awhile, but I am learning a lot and really enjoying it. If you're interested in learning more about these classes, visit the CASI website. Or if you don't have time to take classes and read a lot of books and articles, you can read the quick version by reviewing the papers I've written here. :-)

Tonight another foster volunteer is coming over to help me give my eight puppies their second dose of dewormer. For those of you who haven't dewormed puppies before, here's a quick (if slightly gross) lesson on how it works. Skip this if you're eating or feeling queasy. Basically the medicine part isn't bad - you weigh each puppy since the medicine is given based on weight, then you fill up the dropper with the correct dose, have someone hold the puppy if possible to make it easier, and give the puppy the medicine orally. If they won't open their mouths sometimes you have to help them. The gross part comes the next day, when instead of just picking up icky puppy poop you have to pick up really icky poop filled with worms. There are various kinds of worms and some look like spaghetti. There - aren't you glad you aren't eating right now?

On a much nicer subject, some of the workers and patients at St. Charles Sports & Physical Therapy held a supply drive and collected donations for Heartland during the holidays. They brought in all sorts of items, and it was such a nice surprise for the animals (and the foster parents!)


echorukia12590 said...

My goodness. What a heart warming job. :) I am very much into dog training, and just adopted a new puppy from a no-kill shelter last a couple Fridays ago. She's just a 10 week old Shollie (shep/collie) now, but she's already doubled in size!

I was really thinking about getting into being a dog foster mom with the aid and love for puppies from my boyfriend as well. :) but my involvement in Photography has made that idea too much to handle.

I wish you the best of luck. :) I am very glad to hear of someone so passionate for such a job! I believe I will be checking back on your pupblogs more often. :)

echorukia12590 said...
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