Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update on Noelle

Here is a new picture of Kiwi. She was getting sick every few days, but since she's started her new diet, so far she has not been sick at all. I'm hoping that the new food works and she can go up for adoption soon. She is so friendly and she deserves her own family.

Here are some new pictures of my crazy foster dog Noelle. I am so lucky that my husband loves her. She has chewed up around 20 pair of his socks so far. Any other dog, including our own, would have been in big trouble by now. But with Noelle, he just sighs and puts a new pair of socks in his work boots for the next day. I keep suggesting he stop putting his socks out where she can find them, but he's as stubborn as she is. So the socks are always left out where she can get them, and she always gets them and chews them up. I have enough to do without guarding his socks, so I just take them away when I see her chewing on them, and move on. It's really a silly situation.

Noelle went to the vet this week and we received great news that her mange is cleared up! She has to keep getting medicine for another 3 weeks to be safe, but she can now be adopted again! The bad news was they found a small tumor while she was there - but they believe its benign and will go away on its on in 3 months or less. So now she's not funny-looking from the hair loss, but she's funny looking from the shaved area and small button tumor on her rear end. Oh well, it might make it harder for her to get adopted, but my husband has plenty more socks for her to chew up while she waits.

When I take Noelle out in public, people have a hard time believing she's as quiet and laid back as I claim. She just wants to greet everyone she meets, and she acts like it's her long-lost owner with each person. She can't wait to jump up and lick them and she wags her tail so hard it hurts! I do appreciate such excitement, but unfortunately she tends to forget all of her manners when she gets so excited. Now that more of my foster puppies are adopted, I'm determined to start working with her more to improve her manners.

I also have sad news to report - our long-time Heartland dog Kermit was returned. He did pretty well overall in his new home, except he didn't like to be crated, and his new mom was afraid he was unhappy not having a yard to run in. She had planned to fence her yard but then found out the cost and decided it wasn't practical at this time. So unfortunately she felt it was best for Kermit to find another home where he could have a fenced yard. I just hope it doesn't take another two years to find that home. But he seemed happy to come back and see all his old friends again.

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