Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Found a Dog!

One of my neighbors found a dog running loose. She had heard from another neighbor (who adopted Samantha from us) that I volunteer for a dog rescue, so she brought him to me. Here are some pictures of him.

He reminds me of Buster - another Heartland dog who is available for adoption. In fact, I keep calling him Buster by mistake. I temporarily named him Max, and hopefully we can find his owners soon. Well - honestly I almost hope we DON'T find them! My neighbor found him dragging a long metal chain behind him. She walked him around the area for over an hour and no one ever came looking for him. He is such a sweet dog, and I hate that someone had him tied up outside on a chain, in the heat, and never looked for him. He had a tick in his ear (yuck!) and didn't have tags or a microchip. So I am not sure if he was well taken care of in his home. But the neighbor who found him is going to post some signs, and I've contacted some shelters in case someone does come looking for him. In the meantime, he's hanging out in my basement. He is still a puppy - very playful and very sweet. Hopefully if no one claims him, I will be able to keep him and make him a Heartland dog and find him a good home. In the meantime, he has to stay quarantined from my dogs, so he's kind of lonely all by himself in the basement. He's been very well behaved though, and just seems happy to be inside in the air conditioning.

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