Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monkee was adopted!

Monkee found a home while I was gone on vacation. I'm so happy for her! I heard she went to live with a family that has a dog and a 1-year-old cat, so she should have plenty of playmates there. Now I'm down to three kittens left to find homes. I still have Elvis, Jade and Reese (the dogs) to find homes for as well. Someone is interested in Jade, and someone else is interested in Reese, so maybe one of those homes will work out - we'll see. They were all very happy to see me when I got home from Florida last night. I think that they missed me! Hopefully one of them will find a home at PetSmart on Saturday.

I've been interested in dog training since I first got Remi almost two years ago. I became more interested as I began fostering dogs and found out how much fun it is to teach them, and how much nicer it is to have well behaved dogs! :-) I've finally decided to do more than read every dog training book I can find, and have applied to the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. I had planned to enter the program to earn a diploma in dog training, but they also have a diploma in Shelter and Rescue Work, and that sounds really interesting as well. I'm going to maybe try to earn both. Between working full time and taking care of my fosters, I don't have a lot of time left - but, this sounds like a great way to spend my free time. My husband has almost given up on me ever cooking for him again anyway. :-) It's a distance education program, so I could work through the classes at my own pace, especially on my lunch hour. I pretty much earned my entire MBA by doing schoolwork on my lunch hour, so it won't be anything new. I'm really excited about the idea!

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