Friday, August 8, 2008

Update on Max

Just in case you were wondering, no one has called to claim Max yet. I am going to wait through the weekend, and if no one claims him by Monday he's going to get to visit the veterinarian to get checked out. Heartland dogs get wonderful medical care - they are all dewormed, treated for fleas/ticks, tested for heartworms and treated if needed, spayed or neutered, given several vaccinations (rabies, DHLPP, bordetella), and given monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventative. And this all happens before they are made available for adoption! So I want to get Max started by making his first vet visit and getting his first round of vaccinations.

I also couldn't bear to leave him in the basement by himself for any longer, so I let him out of quarantine early. All of my other fosters and my own dog are up-to-date on their vaccinations, and it was a relatively low-risk decision. He gets along great with the other dogs - especially Reese. He and Reese are the same size, and they're both young, which might be why they play together so well. Unfortunately, this also means I once again have three foster dogs who are not yet house-trained. Sigh. In order to successfully housetrain a dog, you have to watch him every second when he's loose in the house - and that's hard enough with one dog - not to mention three at once. Its definitely a challenge! My husband is gone with his Army Reserve unit for a five-day trip to Minnesota, so that will make it harder because he won't be around to help, but I'm hoping it will make it easier to get the house cleaned while he's gone. I'm sure some of you out there can understand that. :-)

I'm looking forward to going to PetSmart tomorrow. Kiya's puppies will be there for their first adoption event, and I think altogether we're going to have 15 - 20 dogs there available for adoption! I would love it if Reese, Jade or Elvis found a home, or even one of my foster kittens. But either way, I just enjoy going up to spend time with all the dogs and cats, and helping them to find new homes of their own.

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