Monday, August 11, 2008

Nothing much to share...

I'm going out of town soon, so I went up to PetSmart on Saturday and Sunday, hoping some of my fosters would find homes before I left. However, none of my dogs or cats were adopted, so I was sad about that. I guess they're stuck with me for at least a couple more weeks until they get back to PetSmart to try again! I was also sad that none of Kiya's puppies were adopted. They didn't get put up for adoption as soon as most puppies because they had to be treated for ringworm, so now they're older and bigger and I am sad that they are missing so many puppy moments without their own families. Everyone wants young puppies (don't they realize they grow up?) or little purebred dogs. Most of our dog adoptions this weekend were for purebreds -- two Pomeranians, a basset hound, and a Shih Tzu. I'm happy for those dogs that they found homes - I just feel bad for the big mixed-breed dogs. Derby, Lilly, and Jade were all at PetSmart this week (check out if you don't know who I'm talking about) and no one even considered them for adoption. They are all three very good dogs with no issues, but they got passed over for cute little purebred dogs who are much more likely to have issues due to their history! Sorry, I'm being negative and I usually try not to be. I just feel so sorry for the dogs and cats that are so good but through no fault of their own they still don't have their own families.

I took Max to the vet this morning - turns out he has hookworms and whipworms - poor guy. His previous owners apparently didn't care much about him. The person who found him put up several "Found Dog" signs in the area - we sent his picture and a "Found Dog" flyer to the area animal shelters - I've checked all the classifieds in St. Charles, St. Louis and Lincoln County, along with websites like Craigslist and Lost/Found dog websites. If these people had been trying to find their dog, they would have - but I'm glad they didn't! Now he'll get the veterinary care that he needs, and he'll get adopted and live in a much better home. In the meantime, he's doing great at my house. He's a little cuddlebug - he likes to sleep right next to me. He sits in my lap whenever we are in the car. In fact, on the way to the vet this morning, even though my car was actually clean for once, instead of sitting in the empty back seat or the empty passenger seat, both Max and Reese sat on my lap for the entire 20 minute drive to the vet. Silly dogs! Fortunately they both sit relatively still, so it doesn't make driving difficult. Now if I could just teach Reese to stop barking at every motorcycle that goes by, I'd be set.

I'm off to Florida for 5 days - no kids, no cats, no dogs, and no husband! My aunt and uncle invited my parents and me and my sisters down, and even though our spouses were also invited, my sister and I decided that *someone* had to stay home and take care of the kids/pets. So my husband will be home to care for the dogs while I'm gone. He's afraid of kittens though (at least that's what I keep saying - he just says he doesn't like them) so the kittens are going on their own vacation to another foster mom's house. I'm really going to miss my dogs and kittens while I'm gone (and maybe even my husband), but I'm looking forward to the break.

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Susan said...

Sorry none of them got adopted this past weekend... at least this way you'll see them all when you get home and they'll be THRILLED to see you! :)