Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Someone finally claimed Max

Turns out that Max's name is actually "Blue", and his owners finally called and said they saw the signs and they want their dog back. I am so sad for him. They didn't say why they didn't bother calling before now (the signs were removed two days ago). Even after I talked to them earlier this evening, they wanted to wait until tomorrow night to come get him - obviously they aren't dying to have him back. They live on the street where the signs were posted, and where he was found, so its not like he wandered far from home and they were looking in the wrong place. I don't want to give him back. I almost never cry when my fosters get adopted because I know they're going to a good family and I'm happy for them - but I've been crying half the day because Max is leaving and I don't think he's going somewhere that he'll be happy or well cared for. I know there are so many dogs out there that have much worse owners than Blue does, but those dogs haven't been living at my house for the past 7 days, sharing my life, sleeping on my bed, and entertaining me with their antics. I think I shouldn't have invested so much in him - I shouldn't have taught him his new name or taught him to sit or spent hours playing with him and walking him and giving him treats - after all, he was never my dog. Next time someone finds a stray I should just send them to animal control and not have to worry about getting attached. But the last seven days for Blue have hopefully been very happy ones, and they wouldn't have been in a shelter. So its the least I could do for such a great dog - I just wish his future was more hopeful. I'm off to let him sleep on my bed one last night, and his owners will be here to get him in the morning.

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