Saturday, October 4, 2008

Great Day!

Hershe was adopted!!!

I'm so happy for her. It's surprising to everyone that she found a home, because she's been in foster care for so long, but the right people just happened to come along today. They have very well behaved children, and no other pets, and were looking for a lab that wouldn't jump up or be hyper, so it sounds like a good situation for her. I've just been smiling non-stop since they adopted her early this afternoon. :-) It's so rewarding to see a dog that had a hard time finding a home be adopted. Now if we can just get Kermit a home.... he and Hershe were best friends, and he has been depressed and not eating much since she came to my house last week. I thought he'd be better soon since she'd be going back to live with him, but now that she has her own forever home, he's going to keep being sad. I hope he feels better and finds his own home soon. I've been posting more flyers, and asking others to post them places as well, so maybe the right person is out there for him and will see one of those flyers soon. If you go to the O'Fallon Petsmart, you can help by stopping by the Love-A-Pet-Center and picking up a few flyers to hang up at work, church, school, the library, etc - any public bulletin board you see. The flyers are in a green folder in the red cart outside the LAPC. Take as many as you can hang up - I will print more if we run out. ;-)

In other great news, two other dogs were adopted today as well. Chester, a beagle mix, found a home. I always thought he was funny looking and smiled everytime I looked at him - to me his head just looked wrong on his body. But he is a wonderful dog, and the family who adopted him thinks he is perfect. He's a very sweet dog and I'm so happy he found a home. And the other dog that was adopted is Derby! He has been waiting so long for a home - not as long as Hershe, but still a long time. We could never figure out why no one adopted him - he is friendly, gets along well with everyone, and is an all-around great dog. I was actually going to foster him next, and even took him home for a weekend not long ago. He had a short "vacation" at my house. :-) Here is a picture from when he was here last.

Don't you love his big ears? He actually is here at my house again tonight, I'm just too lazy to go find the camera. I'm taking him back to PetSmart either tomorrow or Monday for his new family to get him. In the meantime, Lacy and Derby are having a blast playing together.

Speaking of Lacy, once again she wasn't adopted. And neither were any of the adorable lab/border collie puppies! I'm very glad the hard-to-adopt ones are being picked, but its always surprising that the "easy" ones get passed over. Here are some pictures of me and Lacy from the Prairie Day event we went to a few weeks ago, and then from the Diabetes Walk we went on last Sunday.

Prairie Days - Lacy howling ;-)

Me and Lacy at Prairie Days.
Me and Lacy at the JDRF walk
This is toward the beginning of the 3 mile walk - Lacy was pulling me. Toward the end of the walk, I was pulling her!
Here we are after the walk ended. That's my grandma with me - she's awesome. I'm not just saying that because she reads my blog either. Hi Grandma! ;-)
Thanks to Angie for the Prairie Day pictures and my mom for the JDRF pictures!
I'm going to try to get back up to PetSmart tomorrow afternoon and see if I can get a kitten adopted! My orange kittens won't be ready for another week, but I still have Blaze, Astro and Buttercup to get adopted. Buttercup actually stayed up at PetSmart today, in one of the permanent cat cages that are there. Hopefully someone will see her and want to adopt her soon.

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