Monday, October 13, 2008

Pictures of fosters

As promised, I took pictures so I can get my new fosters on the website. However, as usual the pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Oh well, they'll do for now and maybe later I will get better ones. Here are pictures of my newest fosters:

First, here's Linguini. He's a gorgeous black cat that I fell in love with up at PetSmart. He was staying in one of the cat cages at PetSmart, hoping to find a home, but with Halloween quickly approaching, the black cats don't get to stay at PetSmart right now. So I asked his foster mom, and she kindly let me take him home with me. I put Blaze up at PetSmart instead, hoping that maybe he would find a home while Linguini is at my house. Once Halloween is over, I will take Linguini back to PetSmart, but in the meantime I am just loving having him around. I put him in the cat room and thought he might want to stay there for awhile, at least until he got used to all the other animals. But no, as soon as I left the room, he followed me out. The cat room is blocked off from the main part of the house with a baby gate, so the cats can go in and out over the gate, but the dogs can't go into the room. He immediately jumped the gate and braved all the other dogs in order to be in the same room as I am. I just love this cat! He follows me around everywhere, just like the dogs do, and jumps up on my lap whenever I sit down. All the dogs are scared of him now, which is pretty funny.

Next is my newest foster cat Jester. He's doing great. He just completely ignores all of the dogs, and he plays with the other cats, and he's so friendly. He purrs every time I pick him up. I feel a bit like the Pied Piper when I walk around the house, because now I'm followed from room to room by 4 dogs and 3 cats - every time I move! As someone who's used to not being noticed, its quite an ego trip to be so popular. :-)

Here are new pictures of Noelle. She always makes me smile, because the dog is only 4 months old and she acts like she's 10 years old! The only time I could guess she was so young is when she occasionally decides to play - she still has that puppy run and hop that is so cute. But 95% of the time she spends just laying around acting lazy. I have to admit, this is totally my speed of dog.

Here is a picture I took this morning - I was outside with the puppies, and in the window waiting for us were Lacy (basset hound), Astro (gray tabby) and Jester (cream tabby). They all wanted to come out and play too, but I didn't let them. :-)

Next is Pepsi, my little pit bull puppy. I wasn't very happy with the pictures I got of her. The only time she'd smile at me was when she was jumping up on me wanting to be picked up. I can't hold her and take a picture at the same time, so I finally put her on a tie-out so she couldn't run up to me. Then she just looked at me like "why are you mad at me?!".

And last is Ginger, my terrier mix puppy. She looks like a Jack Russell Terrier to me, but when I said this to the vet, he laughed at me. He said she's as big as a Jack Russell now, and she's only 11 weeks old! So I don't know if she has some Jack Russell in her, mixed with a bigger dog, or what - but she's a cutie!

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