Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New dogs on the way!

I was going to wait until I had pictures, but I just can never wait to share happy news! I have a new foster dog, and one or two more on the way. I am so excited. :-)

Remi got his stitches out and got a clean bill of health from the vet, so he's officially back to normal now! Derby was supposed to be adopted on Sunday, but his new family decided to hold off for a few more days while they finish putting up their fence. I just hope they get it finished soon, since he's staying with me until they do! Since I only have one official foster dog (Lacy, the basset hound) I decided another trip to the shelter was needed. Of course, the adorable dogs there sucked me in and instead of leaving with one, I signed up to take two. Then after I left, another volunteer called me - she'd contacted another shelter that was going to have to euthanize animals soon, and they had a dog she thought was perfect for me. I immediately thought "oh no, I'm going to hear about this dog and have to turn it down, knowing it will be euthanized, because I just committed to these other dogs". Then she told me about this dog, and sure enough, it was perfect for me. It's a pit bull mix puppy and it is deaf. I love pit bull puppies - they've been some of the very best dogs I've fostered. And I always want to save the deaf ones. So, I decided that since she was going to that shelter anyway to look at some other dogs, I might as well meet her there and check out this puppy. So, guess who came home with me last night? An adorable, all white, deaf pit bull puppy! And she is so sweet - very calm and loving. She'd been picked up as a stray and been living at the shelter for the past month. She's about 3 months old now. I am so glad that the other volunteer called and found out about her, or she probably would have been euthanized. That shelter is not allowed to adopt pit bulls out to the public, due to city regulations, so if a rescue group doesn't take them, they are killed. There's another one there (not deaf) that I really wanted to take also, but if I did I would be homeless I think. So I'm hoping someone else will save him.

I'm going back to the first shelter this afternoon to pick up the two dogs I already signed up for. One is a brindle pit bull puppy - super high energy! The other is a jack russell terrier mix - very quiet and shy and such a cute dog. I may also end up with a cocker spaniel puppy that was there - not sure about that yet. Fortunately a volunteer offered to keep the jack russell terrier mix for a while if needed (if my husband threatens to leave me). :-) I will post pictures of everyone soon!

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