Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Introducing Molly

Now that Lacy is adopted and Murphy and Lexi are back at their own home, I don't have any big dogs that can play with Remi. I only have the three puppies - Pepsi and Ginger (3 months) and Noelle (4 months) - none of them weigh over 25 pounds, and while they get along well with Remi, they prefer to play with each other. So, I decided it was time to get an adult dog to foster. And guess who came along just at the right time? An adorable St. Bernard mix that was adopted out by Heartland as a puppy and returned this past weekend. Molly is one year old, and you may remember her from last December when her and her siblings were up at PetSmart trying to find homes. I think they were only there a couple of weeks, but they were so cute, they were hard to forget! I still have a picture I took with my camera phone from when they were puppies - I believe the one on the left is Molly.

And here is Molly now, almost one year later. As you can see she's grown a bit, but she's still as sweet as she was then. I brought her home tonight and she immediately fit right in with all the other animals. She is sleeping at my feet as I type this, and she is such a good dog. She weighs around 60 pounds right now, and she still needs to put on a little weight, so she'll probably be 75 pounds by the time she's done growing.

While I was taking pictures, I took a few of my other current fosters, just so you can keep up with which ones I have right now. :-) Here is Linguini - he's my lap cat. I'm borrowing him from PetSmart until Halloween is over, and he makes a great Halloween decoration! :-)

Next is Noelle. As much as I want to keep her, I decided it would be better for her to find a home where she can have her own family. While she is with me she has to share with so many other dogs and cats. By keeping her I also have less ability to take in the next homeless dog that needs me, and since there are a lot more adoptive homes than foster homes out there, I think it'll be better for her and for future homeless animals if she finds a permanent home with someone else. But, I'm holding out for a perfect home, and since she's a pit bull mix and deaf, that might take a very long time - I'm okay with that! :-)

And here is Noelle trying to play in the cat tree...

Next is Ginger. The puppies have been moved upstairs and are now being given the run of the house when I can watch them. They love playing with one of the fleece balls we got at Trivia Night - its one of their favorite toys!

Here is Pepsi, my little pit bull puppy. She loves to cuddle, and watched a movie with my husband and me last night, just laying on the couch between us.

And last are my two orange kittens - Cheeto and Nacho. I have a few other foster kittens (Blaze, Astro and Jester) but they're all staying up at PetSmart at least until Halloween is over trying to get homes. I'm also getting another cat named Dooby - I'll introduce him when I get him later this week. Oh, and Kermit is coming to visit! I'll introduce him later too. :-) For now, here's the last picture of my current foster. This is Cheeto, but he looks very similar to Nacho so I didn't need to take both of their pictures. :-)

Okay, now do you have all my fosters straight? If not, I don't either... I just know how many I'm supposed to have in total, and count now and then to make sure I have the right number of dogs and cats running around. Its much easier that way. :-)

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