Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Introducing Noelle, Pepsi, Ginger and Jester

I only went to the shelter to pick out one... maybe two at the very most. Somehow in the past two days I came home with three new dogs and one cat. The two new puppies are rather time intensive, so I haven't been able to take pictures of anyone yet. I'm hoping this weekend I will have time. I spent last night and this morning getting them bathed, fed and settled in. Well, I didn't bathe the cat - i'm not that crazy. But for those of you who voted to hear more details of fostering, here's how the two days went at my house.

Noelle, my new white pit bull puppy, came home from the shelter on Monday night. I left her in the car while I went inside and let Derby and Lacy out in the backyard. Then I put Remi in the bedroom, and carried Noelle into the house, and straight to the bathtub. I like to give them baths before they touch anything just in case they're carrying any germs or viruses. She got a bath, which she didn't particularly like, and then got to come out and meet my husband. He wasn't happy about me bringing home a deaf dog, but once he met her he fell in love just like I did. She then went down to the basement to hang out with him, while I let the other dogs back in upstairs, and the night proceeded with a pretty normal schedule (feeding, playing, etc). When I went down to check on her later, she was curled up on a blanket, looking very content. The great thing about her being deaf is she is happy to hang out in the basement while my husband is working. He is finishing the basement (putting up walls, building a bar, etc) and it is a noisy place to be, but she didn't mind at all! :-)
Yesterday I left work and went to the shelter where I got Noelle to return a leash I had borrowed. I then saw five cats that were going to be put down this morning. I couldn't leave them there! But I couldn't take them either - my husband really dislikes cats. I also only had one cat playpen where I could quarantine a cat while it was being prepared for adoption. So, I picked out one that I fell in love with the moment I saw him, and took him in spite of what my husband wanted. I then cried over another cat that was so sweet and loving that I couldn't take. He was a long haired white cat, and reminded me a lot of Spock, one of my own cats that died in the past year. Another Heartland volunteer who was at the shelter with me must have felt sorry for him, and for me, and took him home with her. So thanks to her, we were able to save two of those cats that wouldn't be alive right now otherwise. I've named the cat I took home Jester. He is a cinnamon colored cat. He seems very friendly and purrs when I pet him or hold him. That's about all I know about him so far! :-)
Once I left that shelter, I went to the other shelter where I had signed up for two dogs previously. I got them both - one is a female pit bull puppy, dark brindle, with lots of energy - I've named her Pepsi. The other is a female Jack Russell Terrier mix puppy - she is super sweet, kind of shy, and so cute! The shelter had named her Ginger, so I'm keeping that name. She is white with brown patches. So the cat and both dogs came home with me last night. Once again, they waited in the car while I went in and let out the other dogs. Then Jester came in and went into the extra cat playpen. Both puppies got baths, and neither of them appreciated it very much. They are now in separate exercise pens in the basement, during their "quarantine". This is my least favorite part of bringing home new fosters - I just hate quarantining them. But, I don't want the other dogs or cats to get sick either, so I do understand the need for it. Hopefully this week will go by quickly.
Hunter will be here tomorrow night - I can't wait to see him again. I am already counting on him being my footwarmer at night - he always used to sleep at the end of the bed and keep my feet warm for me, so I'm hoping he does that again. :-) And then this weekend is PetSmart, and I'm hoping my orange kittens will be ready to go get adopted. They go to the vet tomorrow, so we'll see!

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